Citect for Windows Version 5.0 Release Notification

Citect for Windows

Release Notification

Version 5.00 Rev. 0

General Description For This Release

This is a detailed listing of the resolved problems and minor enhancements in this release. (See the What's New in the online help system for details of new features for this version.)

Fixed Problems and Enhancements

NCR 352 - RepSetControl execution

RepSetControl sets the status of the report on the local machine and not on the Primary and Standby Servers.

NCR 3533 - Long trend file names

The trend system doesn't support long file names.

NCR 3588 - Page status field corrupted when status text changes

On all pages of VGA top with no title style the text font is too large so that the status box is corrupted when the status text changes.

NCR 3984 - Disk and Memory points

Disk and Memory points now count as physical points if written to via an external application.

NCR 4030 - Rubbish on blank VGA Template

The blank VGA template has bottom bits of ANs 1&2 showing.

NCR 4114 - TrnPrint with zoom

If the user zooms in then calls TrnPrint, the output will use the scaled scales.

NCR 4170 - StrToXXX functions

The StrToXXX functions generate a hardware alarm if called with only spaces eg " ".

NCR 4482 - Opening read only devices

Calling DevOpen on a read only file crashes Citect.

NCR 4577 - Automatic ReRead

Long executing Cicode will automatically call ReRead() to refresh Cicode PLC variables.

NCR 5113 - File menu in Graphics Builder

Close all windows on startup and the File menu will not pull down.

NCR 5430 - DevRead EOF crash

Citect crashes when reading past the end of file using DevRead.

NCR 6092 - Unsigned integers in SINECFDL protocol

It is not possible to use unsigned integers in the SINECFDL protocol.

NCR 6159 - Date on Trend plots

The time and date are not shown on the trend print-out.

NCR 6186 - Trend plots not allowing sufficient space for tag names

The trend print-out format doesn't have enough space for the tag name and trend comment.

NCR 6259 - Alarm Summary Crash

Using the AlarmSumAppend() function crashes Citect.

NCR 6281 - Zoom in/out hardware alarm

Zooming in/out sometimes gives a hardware alarm.

NCR 6369 - TrnGetScaleStr() does not set an error

If Pen or AN is invalid TrnGetScaleStr() will not set an error for the invalid arguments.

NCR 6457 - Default value for [Code]DLLStack

If the user calls a DLL function via DLLCall and that function uses more than the default 8K stack it will corrupt memory in Citect.

NCR 6512 - TrnPlot page usage

The TrnPlot function doesn't use the page area effectively or support zoomed prints.

NCR 6565 - Pagewide keyboard entries

Page key entries multiply when saving a page.

NCR 6725 - Crash with remapped variables

The compiler crashes if you remap variables with scales.

NCR 6940 - Form edit fields truncate strings

Form edit fields truncate function variable strings (which allow up to 256 characters) to 128 characters.

NCR 6972 - TrendSelectPen button adds two new pens

Sometimes the TrendSelectPen button will add two new pens instead of just the one.

NCR 6985 - CodeSetMode(3,0) to ignore case in current code instance

[Code]IgnoreCase=0 to ignore case in all Cicode.

NCR 7002 - Trend history files version number

The version number in the trend history files has been changed from version 0 to version 1. The history files now contain the scales used to scale the data.

NCR 7025 - TrnSelectPen form truncates tags

The TrendSelectPen form truncates the tag to the width of the combo box.

NCR 7038 - Page ScanTime

New parameter [Page]ScanTime added, this replaces the [Page]Delay parameter.

NCR 7080 - Cursor is not cleaned up when an alarm is acknowledged

In 32 bit versions of Citect the cursor does not get erased correctly after acknowledging an alarm.

NCR 7276 - Alarm SetTimeOnOff

New parameter [Alarm]SetTimeOnOff has been added that allows setting the alarm time when the alarm goes OFF.

NCR 7361 - SVGA EventTrend Template

When selecting the pens via the lights, if pens 3 or 6 are selected then a hardware error occurs.

NCR 7479 - Alarm Format

{value:##} defined in the alarm format causes Citect to crash.

NCR 7553 - Area on Commands

The Area has been added to Page Button and Page Keyboard Commands.

NCR 7569 - Super Genie in Comments

Super Genie syntax will be converted to tags in comments and keyboard logs.

NCR 7636 - TrnPrint form

When the TrnPrint function is called, a new form will be now be displayed which allows the user to edit the plot title and add a comment. The form can also be disabled.

NCR 7810 - Editor field on Options dialog

The editor field in Options is not large enough to take the path and exe for WordPad that comes with accessories of Win95.

NCR 7824 - ABKT/ABEI Drivers

ABKT/ABEI Drivers crash if ST data contains bad values.

NCR 7844 - The wrong save file is read on alarm startup

The Alarms Server will not check the time of the primary and secondary save files to see which one is the latest. It will always try to load the primary file first.

NCR 7849 - File time checking

Checking file time may not work correctly for 32 bit Citect. Features dependent upon file time comparison, such as incremental compile, online user update etc. may not work for 32 bit Citect.

NCR 7852 - PointNew causes crash

The PointNew may cause a crash after running for a long period of time.

NCR 7861 - PLC with dual NIM and Standby I/O Server

A PLC with dual NIM's was unable to be reached by the Standby I/O Server when the NIM connected to the Primary I/O Server failed. That is the communications did not switch over to the Standby I/O Server.

NCR 7881 - Citect Server and Display Client on common drive

When running a Citect Server and a Display Client with the Display Client running off the project on a shared drive of the Citect Server (or a common network file location) problems occur when accessing library files from the Include project at runtime.

NCR 7882 - X Lower Control Limit

Sometimes the X Lower Control Limit appears to be incorrect.

NCR 7886 - Trend Tag TRN_PERIODIC_EVENT option

The TRN_PERIODIC_EVENT option is missing from the Type listbox on the Trend Tags form.

NCR 7903 - Compile *.CI

Citect will now compile all Cicode files ending in CI instead of looking in the Library table.

NCR 7908 - ModbusA error

ModbusA gets lots of driver error 32 (Data not yet valid) and 6 (CRC error).

NCR 7911 - ABTCP and PLC3

ABTCP drivers don't work with PLC3.

NCR 7921 - Event SPC Trends not scrolling correctly

Event SPC Trends either scroll too fast or backwards.

NCR 7922 - Citect Shutdown

Citect sometimes crashes on shutdown.

NCR 7930 - Possible crash

When using a lot of one type of object (eg animations or alarms) then Citect may crash.

NCR 7937 - IODeviceControl

IODeviceControl to disable the client device (mode = 0) will also disable standby writes to this I/O device.

NCR 7955 - Symbols on plots

When the plot system displays symbol markers it ignores the hot point of the symbol. It always uses the top-left corner as the hot point.

NCR 7969 - Compile twice if point count is incorrect

Have to compile twice if point count is incorrect.

NCR 7975 - Citect crashes on requests

Citect crashes if there are more than 256 requests for (hres/events/acc) and 256 requests for (advalm/anaalm/trends).

NCR 7986 - Mentor protocol

Protdir.dbf file has an incorrect entry in the Options field.

NCR 7993 - Hardware Alarms

System crashes when cancelling a hardware alarm.

NCR 8005 - DDEExec ReRead()

Citect doesn't automatically read PLC data from Cicode executed via DDE.

NCR 8031 - Cicode COM and ports

Cicode COM stops working in 32 bit version if the port is closed and reopened. ComOpen in share mode never works.

NCR 8037 - Disabled Alarms cannot be enabled

Disabled alarms cannot be enabled by using the AlarmEnable(0,0) function.

NCR 8038 - Alarms and #COM

All alarms are logged to the Alarm log when the device they are associated with comes out of #COM.

NCR 8043 - LBUTTON_CMD_UP prompt problem

If a Cicode command called from an LBUTTON_CMD_UP changes the prompt line, then the prompt will appear briefly before being cleared.

NCR 8047 - Adding to Combo and List box is slow

Calling FormRead on a form with filled Combo or List boxes can be extremely slow as each item is selected as it is added to the list box.

NCR 8052 - Setup Wizard licence key values

The point limit value is no longer needed and should be removed.

NCR 8073 - Trend files created in BIN directory instead of DATA directory

Trend files are created in BIN directory instead of DATA directory if you specify a path substitution string.

NCR 8077 - FUJIT protocol

Writing to BCD in FUJIT protocol cause wrong values to be written to the PLC.

NCR 8086 - Loss of Eye Dropper icon

If you lose the dropper icon while capturing a colour it is gone forever.

NCR 8129 - ComWrite return value

ComWrite (Cicode function) returns with an error even though data is transmitted correctly.

NCR 8133 - Disk PLC

Disk PLC supports single digital bit reads.

NCR 8149 - Trend Client

The trend client sends incorrect packets to the trend server causing it to crash.

NCR 8154 - InfoForm() Tags

The InfoForm() function would display the same tag twice.

NCR 8159 - Trends do not keep their mode

Trends do not keep their mode (historical or real time) when you go off a trend page and come back to display the trend page again.

NCR 8184 - Protection Key Enhancement

Support has a new option for protection key debugging.

NCR 8195 - Ass with invalid tag

Calling Ass() functions with invalid tags will now generate hardware alarms.

NCR 8203 - TCPIP drivers and modbus serial protocol

The TCPIP drivers don't work with the modbus serial protocol. You get a driver error 0xB on initialising the unit.

NCR 8208 - GPF error box

GPF error box is non-standard.

NCR 8304 - Button does not display in runtime

If you have a button or symbol linked to a library in an included project and the main project has a library of the same name but no corresponding symbol then that symbol will not display in runtime.

NCR 8396 - Digital writes to KE500

Communication error "Illegal Command" communicating to a SLC503 via 1770 KF3 Module.

NCR 8472 - Remapping

Remapping only Reads or only Writes with Super Genies, DDE or Tag functions.

NCR 8513 - InfoForm crash

InfoForm could cause a crash if used on a button when command was a write to the PLC.

NCR 8836 - DISKDRV Divide by Zero

Invalid calls to PointNew can cause divide by zero trap in DISKDRV.

NCR 9031 - TrendSelectPen choose from comments

TrendSelectPen sometimes adds two pens instead of just one.

NCR 9087 - Resizing scrolled windows

Resizing a scrolled window always returns the scroll boxes to the 0-position.

NCR 9105 - Window scroll bars and WinSize()

WinSize() after WinNewAt() does not put scroll bars on the window.

NCR 9115 - Bitmap edit operations cannot be undone

Changing the colour of a bitmap using the swap colour operation cannot be undone. Also changes made to a bitmap using the bitmap editor cannot be undone.

NCR 9153 - Trend Compare template scrolling

Trend Compare templates need to have the ability to scroll the trend by 1 sample.

NCR 9302 - TrendStats page name changed to !TrendStats

The name of the TrendStats page is changed to !TrendStats, for consistency, as this is a pop up page.

NCR 9396 - New Statistics

New statistics have been added to the Page Driver in the Citect kernel.

NCR 9513 - Plots and DspXXX functions and WinNewAt(sName, 34)

Plot and some DspXXX functions do not work properly on Citect windows created by WinNewAt() function with the mode 34 = 32 + 2.

NCR 9519 - Protect DCB Memory

Added feature where DCB memory can be protected by the parameter [IOServer]DCBProtect=1.

NCR 9527 - Writing to PLC array problem

The compiler sometimes generates the wrong write address when writing to PLC arrays.

NCR 9532 - GDI leak in Graphics Builder

Graphics Builder will leak GDI resources when you draw buttons which have display style other than normal.

NCR 9580 - SQL Append

SQL commands greater than 254 characters don't work.

NCR 9583 - CheckEMMExclude

CheckEMMExclude calculates a wrong upper value for EMM386.exe x=,.

NCR 9633 - Missing pen on trend display

Trend system will display wrong information for the pens that are configured after the missing (blank) pen.

NCR 9833 - Blank trend page

If you go to a trend page before the first sync time for sampling, then the page will be blank.

NCR 9834 - Trend Server crash

Trend server may crash when a large period is requested.