Citect for Windows

Release Notification

Version 5.01 Rev. 1

General Description For This Release

This is a detailed listing of the resolved problems and minor enhancements in this release. (See the What's New in the online help system for details of new features for this version.)

Fixed Problems and Enhancements

NCR 798 - Trend Configure Button

The trend configure button may disappear if a keyboard command is linked to it.

NCR 816 - Tiway driver

The Tiway driver does not respond.

NCR 1090 - Cicode greater then 32K

Compiler crashes when Cicode is greater than 32K.

NCR 4241 - WinNewAt()

WinNewAt() with mode 2 followed by switching to the main window and PageDisplay() and then WinFree() commands are executed may crash Citect.

NCR 4263 - WinNewAt()

Using WinNewAt with the x coordinate > 0 and y co-ordinate = 0, the page does not appear within the screen area.

NCR 4487 - FormCurr()

FormCurr() returns true instead of 0 (No Error).

NCR 4493 - FormGetCurrInst()

FormGetCurrInst returns 0 if error and 1 if success.

NCR 4495 - FormGetInst()

FormGetInst() returns 0 on error, 1 if successful.

NCR 4501 - FormListSelectText()

FormListSelectText() adds the selection if it does not exist, which it should not.

NCR 4506 - FormSetInst()

FormSetInst() gives wrong return values.

NCR 4577 - Automatic ReRead()

Long executing Cicode will automatically call ReRead() to refresh Cicode PLC variables.

NCR 4658 - AlarmGetThreshold()

With Argyle Analog alarms AlarmGetThreshold does not return the correct value once AlarmSetThreshold has been called.

NCR 4703 - TaskNew()

TaskNew() mode 1 + another mode does not work.e.g. mode 5 behaves exactly like mode 4.

NCR 5144 - Trend export generates Hardware Alarm

If TrnExportDBF() fails because an incorrect path is passed then a hardware alarm "Cicode General Cannot open file DevOpen Scratch" is flagged.

NCR 5666 - PageSelect()

PageSelect() adds multiple entries for pages with >8 character page names.

NCR 6082 - MsgRPC()

The MsgRPC() function does not recover from a network failure properly.

NCR 6092 - Unsigned integers in SINECFDL protocol

It it not possible to use unsigned integers in the SINECFDL protocol.

NCR 6272 - New Cicode function: FormListDeleteText()

A new Function has been added FormListDeleteText(hForm, hField, Text) that will delete text from a list box (syntax is same as FormListAddText).

NCR 6275 - Citect does not work with multi-byte character set languages

If you configure or run a project in a multi-byte character set language such as Japanese text entry and display are corrupted.

NCR 6461 - Device History Files

Not created when device opened in user mode.

NCR 6655 - New [ALARM] HRESTYPE Options

5=24 Hour BCD Timer (Hex); 6=24 Hour BCD Timer (Dec); 7=24 Hour Millisecond Timer. Also add [ALARM]HRES24HRDEADBAND default = 60 seconds before PLC time will show as previous day.

NCR 6881 - New Cicocde DDEh functions

New Cicode functions DDEhWriteLn(), DDEhReadLn(), DDEhSetMode(), TrnExportDDE().

NCR 6985 - CodeSetMode(3,0) to ignore case in current code instance

[Code]IgnoreCase=0 to ignore case in all Cicode.

NCR 7037 - Read Ahead Caching

The I/O Server now supports read ahead caching of I/O device data

NCR 7038 - Page ScanTime

New parameter [Page]ScanTime added, this replaces the [Page]Delay parameter.

NCR 7103 - Circular Include references

If you have a circular reference in your includes, it will crash the compiler immediately.

NCR 7107 - Closing network sessions

On shutdown of the Citect servers the network sessions are not closed until the last operation.

NCR 7127 - WinGetWndHnd()

WinGetWndHnd() function is now documented.

NCR 7136 - HELP.DBF included incorrect entries.

The Help.dbf included entries for drivers that are not released with the product.

NCR 7167 - Page scantime

The Computer Setup Wizard now allows you to modify the page scan time.

NCR 7193 - Analog to Digital

There is a problem with assigning an analog value to a digital.

NCR 7319 - Alarm Formatting

Numeric values that are too large for the format field sometimes cause Citect to crash.

NCR 7546 - Default Parameters Increased

Defaults for ReadPool(), WritePool(), SesSendBuf(), Tasks(), and Queue() have been increased for 32 bit versions.

NCR 7670 - Maximum Cicode threads

The maxumim number of Cicode threads has increased from 128 to 512.

NCR 7709 - [Page]ScanTime default value

The Computer Setup Wizard sets the [Page] Scantime default to the correct value of 250ms.

NCR 7772 - Tag function arrays

The TagRead(), TagWrite(), TagInfo() and TagDebug() now allow array index syntax to be used in place of a tag.

NCR 7847 - TimeSet()

The TimeSet() function cannot handle years beyond 2000.

NCR 7857 - Replicate Project

New parameter [CtEdit]Copy to allow the Citect project to be replicated.

NCR 7891 - The Express Wizard has incorrect defaults

The defaults for address of the Allen-Bradley ABTCP/CIKT drivers are incorrectly entered by the Express Wizard.

NCR 7901 - AN file import

AN files do not import correctly.

NCR 8039 - Long trend file names

The existing Trend system creates only 8.3 DOS style file names.

NCR 8051 - Keyboard Mapping

DEL key is actually mapped as . (fullstop) key.

NCR 8060 - Argyle Analog Thresholds

The Alarm threshold for Argyle Analog alarms is not updated until the Variable for the alarm is changed.

NCR 8062 - Analog Argyle Alarms

AlarmGetThreshold() reads old values after threshold value has been changed.

NCR 8110 - The DevFind() Cicode function returns error 316

The DevFind() Cicode function uses the [General]LockRetry and [General]LockDelay parameters to prevent error 316 (record locked by another user).

NCR 8162 - Form inhbits screen updates

When adding text to a list box, Forms stop screen updates.

NCR 8281 - Incorrect date display

Dates after the year 2000 do not display correctly.

NCR 8400 - SNP and COMX drivers

There is always a hardware alarm msg : response bad returned by driver when start to read data from plc.

The speed is slower than 16 bit version. There are com breaks for 32 bit version (no com breaks for 16 bit version) compared by using same project and same graphic page. There is a crash during the citect shutdown process.

NCR 8412 - Objects with sizing don't scale to full size

Dynamic objects configure with sizing properties do not scale to full size in Citect runtime.

NCR 8416 - KE500 protocol not documented correctly

The cable and communication setting are not documented correctly for communications with the Allen-Bradley SLC500 series PLCs.

NCR 8490 - New PLC data type "UINT"

New PLC data type "UINT" to treat 16 bit integers as unsigned value 0 to 65535.

NCR 8521 - Critical Section functions

EnterCriticalSection() and LeaveCriticalSection() functions added.

NCR 8638 - Trend files cannot be moved to another directory

If the trend history files are moved to another directory then the trend system cannot access those files.

NCR 8803 - Area restrictions on Trend pens

Area restrictions removed from Trend pens to remove confusion.

NCR 8864 - ClusterGetName()

The ClusterGetName() function returns the current Citect primary and standby cluster names.

NCR 8867 - New FormSaveAsFile() parameter

An additional optional parameter has been added to FormSaveAsFile. The function is now FormSaveAsFile(sTitle, sFileName, sFilter, sDefExt = ""), sDefExt allowing a default file extention to be provided.

NCR 9076 - Raised hollow rectangles draw incorrectly

A raised hollow rectangle configure with rotational movement displays incorrectly when rotated in Citect runtime.

NCR 9092 - GPF logs on Win95

GPF logs on Win95 will now be logged to drwtsn32.log instead of syslog.dat.

NCR 9095 - Debugging Enhancement

Citect stamps Drwtsn32 with extra debug information when an exception occurs.

NCR 9104 - Filled arc is not open

A filled arc object is displayed with a chord line closing the arc in Citect.

NCR 9121 - Disabled symbol displays as hidden

A symbol configured with grey disabled style incorrectly displays as hidden in Citect runtime when disabled.

NCR 9124 - Last alarm format

Default format for last alarm truncates data.

NCR 9127 - Added mode 4 to SQLInfo()

Added mode 4 to SQLInfo() which returns the current Q+E library SQL handle.

NCR 9365 - Goto error for page properties

If a compile error is in a page property, then the 'goto error' button will only open the page in graphics builder. It will not open the page properties form at the appropriate tab.

NCR 9401 - Point Counts

Integers and reals stored in byte address memory will count as 1 point.

NCR 9418 - Text in re-sized genie has degraded quality in runtime.

When a Genie that contains text is pasted onto the page and re-sized preserving the aspect ratio, the display quality of the text in runtime is degraded.

NCR 9427 - The Express Wizard has incorrect defaults

The Express Wizard defaults for the parity setting of the Matsushita FP series PLCs is incorrect.

NCR 9449 - The Citect BAILEY driver not working with newer CIU

The Citect BAILEY driver does not work with the newest Elsag Bailey CIU (eg NLSM02-34, Firmware Rev C4).

NCR 9458 - TraceMsg() and Errlog()

The Cicode functions TraceMsg() and ErrLog() should convert their strings from the @() syntax into local language.

NCR 9544 - Alternate Cicode Editor

Citect Explorer does not handle Ed For Windows correctly.

NCR 9623 - NETBIOS timing

Timing has been added to NETBIOS sends.

NCR 9642 - Deleting/Creating Projects

Citect Explorer does not correctly restart Graphics Builder after new project is created.

NCR 9646 - [CTEDIT]AnsiToOem

The default value of this parameter has been changed from TRUE to FALSE to support multilanguage projects.

NCR 9652 - WinNewAt() function misplaces the Citect window

When x = 0 or y = 0 is used WinNewAt() function will misplace the Citect window. If both x = 0 and y = 0 or both of them different from 0 then the window is placed correctly.

NCR 9661 - RepGetControl()

RepSetControl() does not accept 0 (Sunday) as a valid value for a weekday. The documentation is also incorrect.

NCR 9706 - MELSCNET driver not included in 32 bit Citect

The released Citect MELSCNET driver was not included in the latest Citect release when it should have been.

NCR 9727 - AlarmGetFieldRec()

AlarmGetFieldRec() cuts DESC field to the old 32 characters instead of the new 80 characters.

NCR 9732 - Raised rectangle shadow colour incorrect

A rectangle configured as raised or lowered sometimes has incorrect highlight and lowlight colours in Citect runtime.

NCR 9733 - Circle does not change colour

An unfilled circle with fill colour configured does not change colour in runtime.

NCR 9738 - Buttons 'disabled when' expression gets truncated to 32 characters

The 'disabled when' expresion for buttons gets truncated to 32 characters instead of allowing the full 128 characters supported by the new dynamic objects.

NCR 9761 - Disabled rectangle object displays as hidden

A rectangle configure with embossed disable style incorrectly displays as hidden in Citect runtime when disabled.

NCR 9762 - Disable rectangle displays as greyed

A rectangle configured with embossed disable style incorrectly displays as greyed when disabled in Citect runtime.

NCR 9764 - Incorrect expression range used by compiler

An incorrect range of '0 to 32000' will be used when an expression containing no variable tags is entered into a field that has an unchecked 'specify range' check box. To ensure that the correct range of '0 to 100' is used in these instances, tick the 'specify range' check box and enter 0 and 100 for the minimum and maximum limits respectively.

NCR 9767 - Watchdog

Boost timeout on startup and shutdown.

NCR 9768 - Text with strikeout or bold styles defined displays as strikeout and bold

If you configure dynamic text with strikeout or bold styles defined the text will display with strikeout and bold irrespective of the configuration.

NCR 9776 - Kernel Stats

Stats have been added for KerMain() function.

NCR 9777 - Kernel Stats

New statistics for Page Table Stats.

NCR 9795 - High CPU usage on SPC and CPK pages

SPC and CPK pages have 100% CPU usage if no pens are defined.

NCR 9797 - Bold Citect Fonts appear different from system font equivalents

The default value for the [Animator]BoldWeight parameter changed from 600 to 700 to make bold Citect fonts look the same as the equivalent bold system fonts.

NCR 9800 - Large system fonts

Citect Explorer colour swatch is not correctly positioned when large fonts are used.

NCR 9802 - ASEA driver returning invalid data

The driver did not match the request and the response properly, causing the wrong data to be passed back to Citect.

NCR 9807 - Cicode Debugger for Hardware Errors

If no Cicode debug information and hardware error errors, debugger is still started and no code displayed.

NCR 9811 - Scaling LONGBCD data types

Apparent scaling problem with LONGBCD data types in OMRON, FUJI, FUJIT and TOSHIBA drivers.

NCR 9855 - SYM File Import

SYM file import to the Graphics Builder may cause a crash.

NCR 9872 - Disabled bitmap displays fully revealed

A bitmap object with fill level (reveal) will display fully revealed when disabled in Citect runtime.

NCR 9878 - MsgRPC() returns wrong result

MsgRPC() returns wrong result if function is pre-empted on server.

NCR 9894 - Page Properties - Environment Help

The help button on the Environment in Page Properties does not work.

NCR 9907 - Polygons rotate around incorrect centre

When a polygon is configured with rotational movement the centre of rotation is incorrect in runtime.

NCR 9912 - FormGroupBox() does not take group name

FormGroupBox() does not have facility to have text as a label on a group box.

NCR 9926 - Titlebar Defaults

"No Title bar" should be the default option for new pages.

NCR 9927 - Graphics Builder run button shows the wrong page

Pressing the run button from the Graphics Builder while the Citect run-time is running, fails to show the current page being edited.

NCR 9948 - Page update fails for z-order operations

When you push an object to front or back and press RUN it does not update runtime.

NCR 9953 - Undo changes to text

In order to undo, changing the text using the Text|Font menu requires that the undo button be pressed several times.

NCR 9975 - Trend Cursor Colour

In 32Bit Citect the trend cursor has been fixed as white, it can now be set by the parameter [Trend]CursorColour.

NCR 9979 - Deleting symbol library the same name as the page

If you delete a page, and a symbol library with the same name exists, Graphics Builder will also want to delete the symbol library.

NCR 9989 - Copy to Library causes bugs

If a single bitmap with keyboard commands is copied to library using 'Copy to Library', and the symbol is then used an error will occur.

NCR 9990 - Online configuration of trends does not work

For changes made to a trends width or height or number of pixels per sample to take effect, runtime must be shutdown and restarted.

NCR 9998 - ODBC access to Citect Tags

Speed up ODBC access to Citect Tags database.

NCR 9999 - Periodic gated SPC trends

GATED values appearing in SPC charts as large negative values, causing hardware alarms when the cusor moves over them.

NCR 10003 - New display modes for periodic event trends

Event trends can be displayed as points, points joined by lines or points joined by steps.

NCR 10004 - Symbols move on upgrade

Symbols change position when upgrading from Citect version 4.

NCR 10014 - Negative scaling wasn't allowed

Property sheets prevented the user from entering negative values, however runtime allowed them.

NCR 10022 - Year 2000 Functionality

Functionality has been added to Cicode and logging to make it easier to use past year 2000.

NCR 10023 - SPC animation corrupted

If two SPC pages are displayed at the same time future SPC animation may be corrupt.

NCR 10026 - Changing Symbol Set Type

Changing Symbol Set type from Array/Animate to Multistate can cause unnecessarily large files.

NCR 10028 - Pen 1 in SVGA Eventtrend templates is invisible

The default pen 1 colour for each style of the Eventtrend template is black. As the background colour is also black, the pen 1 trend is not visible. Note that only the Super VGA (SVGA) resolution template for each style exhibits this problem.

NCR 10030 - Update pages doesn't update in some instances

If the commands of any keyboard or touch records are changed for a genie/symbol/template then update pages does not update those changes.

NCR 10038 - UserCreateForm() Cicode function

When adding a user of a non-existent type, a message box pops up saying, "Create User Failed" which cannot be dismissed.

NCR 10048 - Express Wizard does not handle AB KTX and KTXD cards

The Allen-Bradley KTX and KTXD are not supported correctly with the Express Wizard.

NCR 10055 - The PROFI.DBF file does not support the LONG Data type properly.

Support for the Long data type was added incorrectly in the PROFI.DBF.

NCR 10060 - Divide by zero error when using colour gradient property

Configuring an object with colour gradient property in which the colour limits have the same saturation or lightness may result in a divide by zero floating point error when the page is displayed in Citect runtime.

NCR 10068 - Background colour ignored

When the normal template (with no title bar) from the standard style is used, the default background color is ignored and grey is used instead.

NCR 10072 - %xxx% lost from genie

If I use the genie syntax in the field of a genie sometimes when I open it for editing again it has disappeared.

NCR 10076 - MBPLUS "Driver Not Responding" message displayed at start-up

MBPLUS driver does not communicate with PLCs and gives the error "Driver Not Responding".

NCR 10078 - Incorrect fill colour on square

A square with threshold fill draws its interior in its line colour and its border is animated with the fill.

NCR 10083 - Flickering Sliders with Continuous update unchecked

If you configure a slider with continuous update set to off the slider position will momentarily flicker when the slider is released.

NCR 10091 - Warning when saving 'from' a read-only project

If a save-as operation is performed on a page/template/etc 'from' a project that is read-only (even though the destination is read-write), then a warning will be generated.

NCR 10104 - Keyboard Commands Privilege Restrictions

If a value is typed into the privilege restriction field, it will not be saved when OK is pressed.

NCR 10105 - TrnExport functions will not store AM/PM

TrnExportXXX functions will not store AM and PM for 12 hour clock as the format field for time is not wide enough.

NCR 10113 - Summary alarm description

Alarm descriptions on the Alarm Summary page do not display correctly, particularly when the description contains embedded data or there is no description defined.

NCR 10126 - Event trends

Real time display of event trends does not update.

NCR 10127 - Floating manager lincence

A server will keep a manager node licence it the manager node uses security (ie. login/logout).

NCR 10134 - Fast (Millisecond) Trends do not display correctly

There are two problems :

1) Changing the display span or display period does not have any effect on trend display.

2) The real time trend display data is not correct and accurate although the historical mode trend data is correct.

NCR 10150 - Version() Cicode function

The Cicode function does not return the correct minor version number.

NCR 10154 - Wrong colour at runtime

Sometimes the wrong colour appears at runtime for an object with multistate or array dynamic colours configured.

NCR 10159 - TrnGetTable() crash for unknown trend tag

Calling TrnGetTable() Cicode function with a trend tag that is not configured will cause Citect to crash.

NCR 10163 - MICROD causes erratic display problems

Citect will exhibit erratic display problems after an indeterminate period of time under Windows 95 / NT.

NCR 10164 - ABTCP Express Wizard Defaults

An error in the default has been corrected.

NCR 10169 - Fill colour on free hand line not functional

If you configure a free hand line with fill colour property the colour will not change in Citect runtime.

NCR 10176 - ICN driver not included with Citect V5.00 release

The ICN driver should have been included with Citect V5.00 release.

NCR 10177 - Layering at runtime

Dynamic Objects are layered differently at runtime than they are in Graphics Builder.

NCR 10180 - CTAPI Point functions fail

The CTAPI functions ctPointRead() and ctPointWrite() fail when used on a Citect Client machine. They behave correctly when used on an I/O Server.

NCR 10182 - CTAPI function ctPointRead() returns bad error code

CTAPI function will incorrectly return a fail when it actually works and the last error will be a bad error value.

NCR 10186 - Configured Multistate and Array Fill colours ignored

Configured colours can be lost when using the multistate/array dynamic fill colour property.

NCR 10189 - Value toggles after write

A write to variable may cause the dispay of that variable to toggle back to the old value before redisplay the new value.

NCR 10191 - Invalid y-axis values on SPCXRS graph printout

If Upper Spec Limit (USL) or LSL not defined then default of -32001 overrides UCL and LCL values.

NCR 10192 - InfoFormAn() function fails on digital tags

The InfoFormAn() function fails to identify expressions that contain digital variable tags.

NCR 10201 - The Express Wizard has incorrect defaults

The defaults for the Allen-Bradley ABTCP/CIKT drivers are incorrectly entered by the Express Wizard.

NCR 10204 - ICN Driver

ICN driver added to product.

NCR 10209 - Corrupted data in the command dropdown and the insert function list

When a project contains user functions and an included project, the resulting function list generated by an insert function or command dropdown operation is corrupted.

NCR 10211 - ctTagToPoint()

The CTAPI funtion ctTagToPoint incorrectly ignores the dwLength parameter resulting in a point that will return an error if used with ctPointRead.

NCR 10215 - Server stops listening

During high connection requests a server may stop listening for clients so no more clients will be able to connect till the server is restarted.

NCR 10216 - Trend Statistics Popup

The Trend statistics popup always displays its statistics based on the default timebase.

NCR 10221 - TimeToStr() conversion problems

TimetoStr() still displays 00 hours when using 12 hour time.

NCR 10222 - WndShow()

The WndShow function does not restore or show windows properly.

NCR 10228 - Fonts in Graphics Builder

The appearance tab on the property page of the text tool does not show all raster and true-type fonts available.

NCR 10233 - Mouse click on Trend screen after 'zoom in' inhibits zooming back out

A small Rubberband zoom area causes errors.

NCR 10236 - [INTL]iDate

The [INTL]iDate parameter does not override the default set by Windows.

NCR 10237 - Changing colour of Polyline causes Citect to crash

If you configure an open filled polyline with colour fill property Citect runtime crashes when an attempt is made to change the colour.

NCR 10241 - Set Object level fill does not work

If you configure a set object with level filling (object reveal) it displays fully revealed in runtime irrespective of the value of the fill expression.

NCR 10245 - Graphics builder crashes while upgrading

If upgrading a project to version 5.00 which has a number animation on a graphics page which uses the full 64 characters of the expression field then a GPF will occur in the Graphics Builder.

NCR 10282 - Graphics Builder crashes when re-linking symbols

If symbols are not re-linked when asked to, Graphic Builder may crash.

NCR 10283 - CTAPI function ctCicode()

The CTAPI function ctCicode() returns FALSE when it should be returning TRUE. Errors are returned via the return string. These are "Unknown Function" when you try and call an unknown function in Citect or the error number, as a string, returned from the Citect function.

NCR 10284 - Trend File Deletion with Citect Running

Trend files that are deleted whilst Citect is running will be recreated when next committing data from buffer to disk.

NCR 10306 - Objects do not redraw

Under certain conditions, objects do not redraw when the page is minimised, then restored or maximised.

NCR 10310 - Minimum Send Response Time

The NetBIOS statistic Minimum Send Response Time shows 99.99 on a standalone client.

NCR 10311 - New Alarm Properties

The Category and Priority of an alarm are now available as Alarm Properties.

NCR 10316 - [INTL] sDate Parameter

The [INTL]sDate parameter was being ignored, only allowing the default.

NCR 10317 - SPC XDoubleBar value ignored

The screen for entering SPC Tags (Extended) does not correctly assign the XDoubleBar, Range, and

Standard Deviation entries.

NCR 10319 - Message Log on Buttons

Message Logging on buttons will log twice.

NCR 10320 - Super Genies using Tags with no Engineering Scale

Super Genies do not give a reasonable range for tags when no engineering scale is specified.

NCR 10324 - Remapping

Remapping of DISK and MEMORY I/O Devices is no longer supported.

NCR 10331 - Symbol Set rotation and size origin incorrect

The rotational and sizing origins for symbol set objects are always top left hand corner irrespective of configuration.

NCR 10335 - Flashing colours stop working

Flashing colours stop working after a PageDisplay() is done on an animation object.

NCR 10370 - Paste Special

A Paste Special dialog is needed so that users can select the format to be used when pasting from the clipboard.

NCR 10373 - Graphics Builder crashes

When the mouse button is held down and CTRL + Z is pressed, Citect Graphics Builder crashes.

NCR 10380 - Pack Libraries

The need exists for a menu item in Graphics Builder to defragment symbol, genie, and template library files (*.ctt, *.ctl, and *.ctm).

NCR 10383 - Dynamic Objects do not support security

Dynamic Objects still accessible despite setting user privileges.

NCR 10399 - XGA Templates (Without Title Bars) updated

XGA Templates (Without Title Bars) updated to support language change at runtime.

NCR 10412 - Writes to Staefa Tags

Write to Staefa Tags may fail with "Error Write too big" error message.

NCR 10430 - Incorrect time stamp for Event Trends

Time of events does not change for many events.

NCR 10432 - Licence name change

User Licences have been renamed to Full Licences to reflect that they can be Servers.

NCR 10433 - Excel 97 and loss of data

Excel 97 supports 65,536 rows so Save_dbf.xls needs to be modified to prevent loss of records beyond 16,384.

NCR 10440 - Genieised dynamic text disappears

If you genieise the 'ON' text, state text, or array text of a dynamic text object, then when the genie is re-opened for editing, the geneised text will be lost.

NCR 10457 - New Parameter [Animator]WinNoScrollBars

When set to 1 this parameter disables the automatic adding of scrollbars when using the Cicode functions WinSize and WinMove

NCR 10467 - Button Scaling

Graphics Builder does not scale buttons with symbols correctly if no height or width are given.

NCR 10481 - Metafile import problems

Metafiles may not import correctly in Graphics Builder.

NCR 10487 - CTAPI

When using ctPointRead() or ctPointWrite() on a display client the address range that could be read was limited to 256 bits instead of 256 bytes (or the protocol limit) - all is OK if used on the I/O Server.

NCR 10497 - Symbols not displaying

Symbols do not display in Graphics Builder when using version 1.xx format.

NCR 10498 - Cancel on upgrade

Pressing the Cancel button in the Upgrade Pages dialog box crashes Graphic Builder.

NCR 10505 - ServerInfo()

ServerInfo() function now returns more information on clients including, computer name, login name, and login time.

NCR 10508 - Increased 32 bit Citect LAN parameters

Changed [LAN]Sessions to a max of 1024 (from 256) and [LAN]LanA to a max of 32 (from 8).

NCR 10510 - Staefa Tags

Variable tags longer than the standard 32 characters would not compile correctly.

NCR 10514 - InfoFormAn() fails on digital tags

InfoFormAn() fails to identify expressions that contain digital variable tags.

NCR 10517 - Slow Symbol Loading

Symbol loading on a page can be slow when many include projects are used.

NCR 10520 - New WinNewAt() Mode

New window creation mode 512, to allow only one instance of a super genie association to be created.

NCR 10523 - Project does not appear in GB Titlebar

When saving a new page, the project title will not appear in the Graphics Builder Titlebar.

NCR 10527 - New Over Existing Project

The query produced when a new project is requested over an existing one has been revised.

NCR 10542 - Non Existant Project Links

The Citect Explorer now gives the user an opportunity to not delete link records of non-existant projects (which may exist on a disconnected network drive).

NCR 10546 - Second clock

The second counter (clock) in Citect may stop after 50 days.

NCR 10573 - CTAPI and String Tags

Writing to string tags using Citect API functions crashes Citect.

NCR 10574 - Text in Graphics Builder

If the initial text is empty, text items using On/Off, Multistate, Array property cannot be seen in Graphics Builder.

NCR 10575 - Resizing Windows in Citect

After resizing the windows in Citect and then maximizing, the client area is not reset.

NCR 10579 - Text Items in Graphics Builder

Garbled data may appear in Multistate and Array field of Text Items in Graphics Builder.

NCR 10581 - SPC SubgroupSize and Data not updating

If using Event Trend tags, Subgroupsize and Data do not update until whole trend screen has data.

NCR 10584 - New parameter [KEYBOARD]ButtonOnlyLeftClick

New parameter to allow only the left mouse button to press pushbuttons.

NCR 10591 - Page Repainting

Having multiple windows may cause Citect to not update if one window is minimised.

NCR 10599 - Spurious com break display on objects

Some objects are displayed in com break state even though they are not.

NCR 10608 - Symbol and Genie problems

If a Genie and a symbol have the same name, and same library name, then if the library symbol is pasted into the Genie, Graphics Builder may crash.

NCR 10610 - Blocking of Digital Writes

The blocking of digital writes will fail 50% of the time.

NCR 10622 - Time Stamped Alarms

Alarm Summary page displays the current system time for the Alarm Off Time instead of from the timer even when [ALARM]HresOff=1

NCR 10623 - Command Cursor display

Command cursors display and allow input even when the current symbol entry is blank.

NCR 10626 - KeySetSeq() problem

If you use KeySetSeq() on a page and then open and close the Super Genie from that page the sequences may not work and actually cause Citect to crash.

NCR 10655 - CCM driver only supports 32 channels

The number of channels supported has been increased from 32 to 64.

NCR 10656 - StrGetChar() Cicode function

The StrGetChar() returns negative numbers for characters with an ASCII code greater than 127.

NCR 10665 - Page Properties lost on upgrade from Citect 1.xx

Properties for pages may be lost when upgrading projects from Citect v1.xx.

NCR 10666 - ANs offset in Graphics Builder

When upgrading from version 1.xx, ANs on the page may be offset by 1, causing objects to appear in the wrong place.

NCR 10667 - Bar Graphs and Trend Graphs in wrong place

After upgrading from version 1.xx, bar graphs and trends may appear in the wrong place on pages.

NCR 10700 - TrnEventGetTable()

TrnEventGetTable() returns data to the event number entered minus one.

NCR 10703 - using the ^ symbol

Using the ^ symbol as power of operator does not generate a compiler error.

NCR 10704 - CTAPI with VB

CTAPI does not work with Visual Basic or Delphi.

NCR 10712 - Fast Trending

When viewing a trend with a subsecond sample period glitches may occur on page entry or when going from history to realtime.

NCR 10719 - Long trend samples times

Long trend sample times (say 1/2 hour) cause problems when scrolling around on a trend page.

NCR 10722 - Trend display gaps

When displaying trends there are gaps where the history files roll over.

NCR 10724 - Symbol scaling problems

Dynamic Symbols may move on a page when the symbol is dynamically resized or rotated.

NCR 10730 - ctPointWrite()

The CTAPI function ctPointWrite() will not write correctly to an array point - only the first element will be written.

NCR 10732 - ctTagWrite()

If you try and write to an array element other than zero it will write to element zero.

NCR 10734 - ctTagToPoint()

ctTagToPoint() will not function correctly when converting a Tag with more than one of the following tokens - array index [<n>], Read/Write specifier .Read or .Write or dwLength > 1

NCR 10741 - Compiler crash

If you have more than 32767 records in changes.dbf and a report needs to be compiled, the compiler will crash on startup.

NCR 10742 - Cut Link on genies

Cutting a link on a genie may cause the genie not to update on the page, and may cause a crash.

NCR 10744 - Trend Printing/TrnGetTable()

If you print a trend or use TrnGetTable() with a span more than 32500 times the sample time for a periodic trend (5416 events for an event trend) then the results will be incorrect. Data will be shifted forward with the most recent data lost.

NCR 10766 - CTAPI Point functions with Memory PLC

The functions ctPointRead() and ctPointWrite() don't work with Memory PLCs.

NCR 10767 - Multiple lines in text objects

The ^n newline sequence does not work for text objects in Graphics Builder.

NCR 10772 - Network Statistics

Add "Pre Complete" parameter to Netbios kernel window to count instances of NCB completed before Netbios returned.

NCR 10777 - InfoFormAn() function fails on digital tags

The InfoFormAn() function fails to identify expressions that contain digital variable tags.

NCR 10782 - Com break problems

Com break may not appear on animations under some circumstances.

NCR 10809 - Templates shift during upgrade

Templates on a page may shift during upgrade of pages.

NCR 10819 - Trend Client crash

Client may crash if its time is behind the Trend Server and requesting millisecond display periods.

NCR 10837 - Print spooling

A lot of activity in Citect's print spooler may have caused it to crash.

NCR 10838 - Reading BCD

Reading BCD from CTAPI function ctTagRead() returns incorrect data.

NCR 10839 - CTAPI Unsigned Int

Reading/Writing to unsigned integers via CTAPI fails.

NCR 10841 - CTAPI bytes

The CTAPI functions ctPointWrite() and ctPointRead() does not work with byte data types.

NCR 10850 - FileGetTime() Cicode Function

The FileGetTime() Cicode function does not take daylight saving into account.

NCR 10855 - Keyboard commands

When using keyboard commands with mixed privileges on the same object the cursor will be set using the privilege of only the last command.

NCR 10860 - DLLCall with real return type

When using DLLCall with real return types Citect may crash after the first call.

NCR 10873 - Untyped Super Genies

The Info form functions will fail with untyped super genie variables.

NCR 10897 - Compiler Fatal Error

If you have greater than 32000 points used you will get the error 'fatal - cannot write to changes.ndx' at the end of compilation.

NCR 10936 - GDI Resource Leakage in Runtime

Pages that have metafile objects on them leak GDI resources in Citect runtime.

NCR 10939 - Slower page update

I/O Data was requested from the I/O Server after graphic data loaded. Faster if done before.

NCR 10984 - Incorrect trend tag name

Cicode function _FindPenFromComment() used by TrendSelectPen() returns name of first tag when no match found instead of a null string.

NCR 10985 - TrnSetEvent()

TrnSetEvent() does not work when using a specific pen number.

NCR 11008 - Year Long Trend Files

Year Long trend files are created with the wrong length and therefore will not operate correctly.

NCR 11022 - Disable as Hidden on buttons

Buttons with the Disable property set to hidden may cause a crash when the trigger is toggled.

NCR 11034 - [Page]RangeCheck with Dynamic text

Dynamic text does not take into account the [Page]RangeCheck parameter and shows #RANGE when the parameter is zero.

NCR 11035 - [Page]ComBreakText with Dynamic text

When [Page]ComBreakText is set to 0 dynamic text objects do not get hashed.

NCR 11042 - The SQUARE D driver loses communication with all PLCs

The SQUARE D driver loses communication with all PLCs connected to a particular card at random intervals under Windows 95.

NCR 11048 - [LAN]Parameter Changes

Increased parameter [LAN]WritePool Maximum to 8096.

Increased parameter [LAN]SesSendBuf Maximum to 1024.

Reduced parameter [LAN]BackoffTime default to 1.

Reduced parameter [LAN]WaitBufTime default to 20; Increased parameter [LAN]NetTraceBuf maximum to 8096

NCR 11049 - Alarm Error

Alarm Cache Width became exceeded causing the following error message to appear:-"Alarm Cache Width Exceeded - Call Ci Support".

NCR 11051 - GPF in I/O Server

Fixed problem which may have caused GPF in the I/O Server.

NCR 11059 - Delphi DLLs

Citect may crash after using DLL Cicode functions with a Delphi DLL.

NCR 11066 - Hashing on all Errors

The new parameter [Page]ComBreakHashOnAllErrors when set to FALSE will show hashing only on #COM errors and hashing on all errors when set to TRUE.