CitectSCADA and CitectHMI

Release Notification

Version 5.41 R0

Fixed Problems and Enhancements

This is a detailed listing of the resolved problems and minor enhancements in this release. (See the What's New in the online help system for details of new features for this version.)

* NCR 10820 - New Modbus Protocol commands.

The Modnet, Modbus , ModbusA and Mbplus drivers now provide the capability to Read and Write General Reference Registers (Modbus protocol commands 20 and 21).

Tag addressing to facilitate reading and writing these registers is as follows: The syntax for the new extended registers is: Ef:r where f is the file number in the range of 1 to 999 and r is the register number in the range of 0 to 9999 OR Ef:r.b where b is the bit to access which can range from 1 to 16.

* NCR 10946 - Unable to use a com port in non-shared mode.

IOdeviceControl(), ComOpen() communication can now be restored if the com port was open in NON shared mode.

* NCR 11099 - CitectInfo().

CitectInfo("DISK",sDrive,sType) returns a negative number if over 2 gigabytes. Added two more disk information parameters, 2 returns free disk space in kilobytes, 3 returns total disk space in kilobytes

* NCR 11381 - Project Editor toolbar display INI option.

When new INI parameter [CTEDIT]ShowToolbar=0 is used Project Editor toolbar will not be displayed.

* NCR 11585 - The Cicode function MsgOpen() always returns a message handle even though that message session is not online.

Using the returned message handle in other message functions may result in unexpected behaviour. Use the new Cicode function, MsgState(), to check the transaction state before calling MsgOpen().

* NCR 12499 - New driver.

The YOK_CXLE driver is now installed with Citect.

* NCR 12499 - MODBUS and MBSLAVE driver DBF files.

MODBUS and MBSLAVE drivers now have separate dbf files.

* NCR 12567 - Citect crashes when calling PlotOpen with an animation point at which there is a graphic object.

PlotOpen should not be used with an animation point at which a graphic object exists. The fix ensures the PlotOpen function will fail normally if used with such an animation point.

* NCR 12715 - Added ctFindFirst() filtering.

A filter string parameter has been added to ctFindFirst().

* NCR 12771 - Citect may crash when scaling variables.

Citect runtime may crash when selecting a page containing graphic objects (or running Cicode) that requires scaling.

* NCR 12970 - New TimeInfo() and DateInfo() functions.

Two new Cicode functions TimeInfo(INT nInfo) and DateInfo(INT nInfo, INT nExtra) have been added to Citect. These two functions return the Time and Date formats in effect on the Citect Server.

* NCR 12971 - Deleting a project causes an incorrect error message.

Deleting a project that has a file that is in use by another application causes the error message 'Error: file (E:\v521\source\ctconfig\CF_USRDB.C) Line (741) Error Unable to remove directory' to appear.

* NCR 13162 - Wrong IODevice Hardware alarm.

When you have more than 512 IODevices in a Citect database then a hardware alarm for an IODevice may be reported as being for another IODevice. Also ErrSetHw()/ErrGetHw() will not work correctly when there are more than 511 IODevices in the database. To correct this the mask for IODevices passed into this function (ie. the number added to the IODevice number) has been changed from 512 to 8192. The old mask of 512 can still be used by setting [Code]BackwardCompatibleErrHw=1 in your configuration file. However with backward compatible mode you will only be able to have ErrSetHw()/ErrGetHw() work correctly with 511 IODevices or less in your database.

* NCR 13240 - New options added on "Copy project" dialog box.

The options of "Clear location before copying" and "Clear subdirectories" have been added to the "Copy Project" dialog box in Citect Explorer.

* NCR 13257 - The Cicode Editors 'Save'/'Save As' directory doesn't default to the current project's directory.

Creating a new file and then saving or choosing 'Save As' will popup the 'Save As' dialog with the last directory that a file was saved to or 'My Documents' as the default path.

* NCR 13295 - Internet Display Client Startup

It is now possible to run IDC without typing the IPAddress and Password at startup.

Simply set

[Internet] ShowSetupDlg = 0

[Internet] IPAddress

[Internet] Password

in the IDC's Citect.ini file. Both IPAddress and Password need to be set otherwise the dialog will come up as before. If ShowSetupDlg is set to 1, a setup dialog will show as usual.

* NCR 13412 - Tag Import/Export Database Type.

Twincat has been added to the tag import, export drop-down box.

* NCR 13441 - New Time Stamped Alarm types.

Three new Time Stamped alarm types have been added. They all allow the time stamp to be a negative offset from midnight of the next day (or midnight of the current day depending on how this is viewed). The actual offset is always positive when specified but is treated as a full negative offset. The new types are (8) Negative BCD offset stored as hex, (9) Negative BCD offset stored as decimal and (10) Negative millisecond offset. Total history from midnight of next day available to be specified for each type is (8) 4 days, (9) 178 days and (10) 49 days.

* NCR 13976 - New parameter added.

The parameter [PAGE]BackgroundColour has been added to set the background colour used when a displayed page is smaller than the minimum width of a Window.

* NCR 15284 - Cicode Editors find/replace functionality does not inform the user that "The specified text was not found".

The Cicode Editor previously brought up a dialog stating "The specified text was not found" in the case of a search wrapping around to the first search position or when the text actually could not be found.

* NCR 15330 - Computer Setup Wizard UNC naming.

Computer Setup Wizard doesn't accept UNC naming for directory paths.

* NCR 15446 - ABRSLINX driver has no protocol entries in the drop down list in the IO Devices form.

The required entries have been added in the drop-down list.

* NCR 15456 - Citect Explorer warning about restoring over a read-only project.

Citect Explorer normally gives a warning when attempting to restore a project over a read-only project. It doesn't give this warning when "My Projects" is highlighted from the project list even when the active project is read-only.

* NCR 15491 - OPC driver.

The Citect OPC driver now supports the OPC Array data type, and Include Functionality for Tag Based Drivers.

* NCR 15544 - Zoom keys alter the selected object's nodes.

When the zoom window is active in Graphics Builder and you press the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out the selected object's nodes will be altered.

* NCR 15806 - COMx driver never retries if port fails to open on startup.

Added -nt and -nts port options to enable retry of port open every watchtime.

* NCR 16007 - Contrec driver state problem.

Contrec driver cannot go online with mulitple I/O devices defined.

* NCR 16022 - Windows file errors are not processed correctly in the Trend System.

Trend file write errors cause Citect to shut down without saving trend data to file. Trend read file errors cause the whole trend to be not visible on the trend page.

* NCR 16042 - TrnDelHistory() may fail.

If a file with a completely different base name is added to a Trend using TrnAddHistory() and a shutdown and restart occurs, the files become corrupt and TrnDelHistory() fails.

* NCR 16089 - TONS Driver does not support blocked writing to polynomial lines.

Added ability to block writes in TONS to polynomial lines.

* NCR 16109 - Graphics Builder delete project dialog.

The dialog box displayed when you try to delete a selected page from Graphics Builder's Open Page window has insufficient information on what the options are. It now explains how each option will function.

* NCR 16179 - New driver (STARLOG).

The STARLOG driver is now installed with Citect.

* NCR 16180 - New driver (CSDIRECT).

CSDIRECT driver is now installed with Citect.

* NCR 16196 - Breakpoints exist in Example and QuickStart projects.

Test versions of Cicode breakpoint files are incorrectly shipped with the Example and QuickStart projects.

* NCR 16239 - New "Lines:" field in the Cicode Editors status bar.

The Cicode Editors status line now has a "Lines:" field which displays the total number of lines in the currently opened file.

* NCR 16329 - Improved handling of [CTEDIT]MaxHelpRec setting.

The maximum you can set this value to is operating system specific. If running on a Windows NT based platform, you may set this value as high as 2,147,483,647. On Windows 9x platforms, you may set this value to a maximum of 32,767. If you exceed these values, MaxHelpRec will be set to the default, 2000.

* NCR 16376 - QuickStart Treeview icons problem.

The treeview node icons are not shown sometimes when the template is changed to TouchScreen.

* NCR 16494 - Graphics Builder PageSave Automation function behaves contrary to the way the manual "Save As" method operates.

If a page has not previously been saved and PageSave is applied to it, the page will save as Untitled1, Untitled2, etc.

* NCR 16538 - ADAM driver update.

ADAM driver is updated to access high and low alarm limits for ADAM-4011D.

* NCR 16544 - Cicode Editor breakpoints under Windows 2000

Breakpoints added in the Cicode Editor using the mouse might be placed a line off under Windows 2000 / XP. If adding a breakpoint in the Cicode Editor by left-clicking the mouse in the margin, while the text is scrolled vertically and not aligned with the top of the page, the breakpoint might be added a line from the desired location. This occurs only under Windows 2000 / XP.

* NCR 16569 - The SBUS driver now supports per port setting of the SendBreak parameter.

The port setting will override any driver level setting for SendBreak. The new setting takes the format of [SBUS.<port_name>] where <port_name> is the name of the Citect port.

Eg. [SBUS.Port1_Board1]




* NCR 16584 - Moorep Driver data types and blocking constants may be incorrect.

Data types and blocking constants have been updated with latest values.

* NCR 16587 - Microsoft Forms 2.0 Listbox ActiveX object crashes Citect Runtime.

When Graphics Builder is used to place a Microsoft Forms 2.0 Listbox control on a Citect graphics page, Citect runtime will crash when displaying that page.

* NCR 16605 - Trend Raw and Engineering scales are rounded down to the nearest integer.

The Zero and Full scales of Raw and Engineering values that contain decimal values will be rounded down to the nearest integer, which will cause the trend values to lose precision.

* NCR 16606 - Scrolling to realtime on Windows 98 with a timezone negative of GMT.

Hitting the scroll to realtime button calls TrnSetTime with a value of zero for its time argument. This should cause the time to be set to the current time. Instead it is always set to "12:00:00 AM 31/12/1999". This problem only occurs if you are on Windows 98 and if your timezone is negative from GMT, such as USA.

* NCR 16613 - The CicodeCallOpen CitectVBA function doesn't return.

The CicodeCallOpen CitectVBA function executes, but never returns, hence blocking the calling function.

* NCR 16621 - New drivers.

MICROIII, SFDL, SQDNET and YOKFAM drivers are now installed with Citect.

* NCR 16624 - MBSLAVE Channels.

Channels for MBSLAVE driver is increased to 68.

* NCR 16625 - Express Communications Wizard hangs on Windows 98.

When you click on the "Next" button on the "Select the type of the I/O Device" page, the Express Communications Wizard hangs on Windows 98.

* NCR 16629 - UNITEL driver block value is too large.

The UNITEL driver when talking to some of the older TSX PLCs is using a 256 bytes block value. This has been changed to 120.

* NCR 16630 - New drivers.

MICROIII, SFDL, SQDNET, YOKFAM, STARLOG, MOOREP are now installed with Citect.

* NCR 16637 - Missing entries in exprwiz.dbf.

Several drivers have online help but are missing BMP_IDs in the exprwiz.dbf.

* NCR 16640 - Citect Explorer copy project problem.

If you have projects with names starting with the same text such as Alarm, Alarm1, Alarm2, etc. you can't always copy from the selected project.

* NCR 16646 - Editing and removing properties of nested genies.

When editing the properties of a base genie (i.e. a genie that does not contain another genie) the changes may not be reflected in any genies in which the base genie is nested.

* NCR 16647 - Mouse event not handled when window gains focus.

If the Citect runtime window has just come back into focus then left mouse events are not handled until the mouse has been moved.

* NCR 16648 - Citect window layout saved.

Citect Editor, Explorer and Graphics Builder now save their window layout upon exit and restore it upon the next startup.

* NCR 16649 - Citect Runtime maximize error.

Maximising Citect Runtime doesn't work correctly when the Windows taskbar is positioned at the top of the screen.

* NCR 16654 - Citect Installation does not register OPC DLLs appropriately.

On some configurations when starting Citect an error appears about the incorrect version of the opcproxy.dll being registered.

* NCR 16658 - Alarm Page may not display all requested alarm categories.

If there is a large number of comma separated alarm categories set to the alarm by using the Cicode function AlarmSetInfo(), the alarm page may not display all of them.

* NCR 16662 - Incorrect compile error generated when CitectVBA is inserted in expression fields.

The compile error "Operand expected" generated when the CitectVBA keyword is found in an expression field such as the movement or scaling expressions of a dynamic object is not sufficiently specific.

* NCR 16674 - Tags of the same data type will interfere with each other when using CitectVBA.

The values of tags of the same data type behave strangely when accessed and modified using CitectVBA.

* NCR 16695 - Cicode Editor's find and replace not working correctly.

When using the replace button on the Replace dialog, matches are skipped hence not all are replaced on the first pass through the document.

* NCR 16696 - TagRead() Cicode function does not trap errors.

IsError() will correctly return the error number from TagRead().

* NCR 16737 - Potential Periodic Trend Historical Data overwrite.

When you Shutdown Citect and restart some time later, data corruption may occur in the trend history files.

* NCR 16743 - Creating and Modifying Users in Citect Runtime.

Use the cicode function UserCreate to create a user with User Privileges. Use the cicode function, UserSetStr to modify a user field then call UserUpdateRecord to recompile and reload the user runtime database. If you wish to modify more than one field then make multiple calls to UserSetStr but you need only call UserUpdateRecord once.

* NCR 16756 - User Login Encryption.

Citect now provides encryption of user passwords.

* NCR 16775 - New Driver.

The ROC driver is now installed with Citect.

* NCR 16776 - REAL support in drivers.

Support for REALs has been added to the MELSEC and MELSECNET drivers.

* NCR 16796 - Compile takes too long for large projects.

Compile takes too long for projects with lots of pages.

* NCR 16806 - The TrnSetTable() function does not support redundancy.

When TrnSetTable() function is called, the data is only written to the server that the client is connected to. The redundant server does not receive the data.

* NCR 16807 - Changing the Storage Method of a Trend causes Startup problems.

Changing the Storage Method of a trend without deleting the trend's history files should cause an error to occur. Instead an assert or a non descriptive error occurs.

* NCR 16809 - Scrolling by event number on pages with the Eventspcxrs template does not work.

The Mean is scrolled to the correct event number, but the Standard Deviation and Range are not.

* NCR 16810 - Trend data for Event SPC Trends does not appear on the screen.

The event number stays at zero, and no events are shown.

* NCR 16812 - Citect Runtime symbol set size and position problem.

If a page that has a symbol set is resized, the size of the symbol set is not adjusted with the page size. Also, when a page with a symbol set is scrolled, the position of the symbol set remains unchanged.

* NCR 16844 - TrnSetTable() function does not work when its time argument is zero.

Although not documented in the help, TrnSetTable() should set the given values starting from the current time and working backwards when its time argument is zero. Instead it fails to set any values.

* NCR 16851 - VBCallOpen fails for CitectVBA functions that require multiple arguments.

VBCallOpen interprets all parameters to the function to be executed, as the first parameter passed in.

* NCR 16885 - Setting Quickstart Project trends' start date and time problem.

Setting the start date and time on the Quickstart trend page applies changes for the end date and time respectively.

* NCR 16886 - QuickStart Project periodic trends problem.

When viewing periodic trends at runtime, if the trend cursor is dragged past a gap in the trends a hardware alarm "trend data not valid......TrnGetCursorValue" is generated.

* NCR 16887 - Quickstart Project periodic trends problem.

When viewing periodic trends at runtime, the current trend value toggles between zero and the actual value of the trend.

* NCR 16902 - TrnPlot does not work from within a report.

When TrnPlot function is called from a report, it doesn't work anymore.

* NCR 16925 - Trend Tag Names' size changed from 16 to 31 characters.

The maximum number of characters allowed for Trend Tag Names has been increased from 16 to 31.

* NCR 16939 - The Col# counter in the Cicode Editor counts the character number not the column number.

The Col# counts the number of characters to the cursor as opposed to the column number of the cursor. Hence the Col# can be different for the same position on a line depending on number of tabs used as tabs count for 1 character.

* NCR 16940 - SPC Trends are not displayed correctly on non SPC Trend Templates.

The display updates by a factor of the subgroup size of the SPC Trend when it should just update every display period for Periodic Trends or every event for Event Trends. When your display period is less than the sample period on a Periodic Trend, gaps are shown in the Trend, or no Trend is shown at all.

* NCR 16944 - MODNET driver update.

MODNET driver is updated to support ADAM5000 series PLC using TCP/IP.

* NCR 16948 - Tool tips for trend pens are incorrect.

The tool tips for trend pens are incorrectly displaying the current Display Mode of the pen, whereas they should display the Trend comment.

* NCR 16963 - Exporting variable tags to CSV fails, even if the file to be exported to is present.

An error "Could not open the external database" is generated and no tags are exported.

* NCR 16973 - Files of size greater than 64K are truncated on save in the Cicode editor under Windows98.

The Cicode Editor truncates files of sizes greater than 64k upon save on Windows98.

* NCR 16981 - Return values from CitectVBA functions are not working in all cases.

Setting the return value for a CitectVBA function anywhere but on the last line of the function body might not work.

* NCR 16998 - Help context menu item has disappeared from the Cicode Editor.

The Cicode editor's document related context menu no longer has the "Help" item.

* NCR 16999 - Pressing F1 within the Cicode Editor on a function does not display the help information for the function.

Pressing F1 within the Cicode Editor on a function jumps to the entry of the function in the index but doesn't bring up the help page.

* NCR 17001 - The maximum number of Included Projects allowed has been increased from 64 to 240.

In order to have 240 included projects the parameter [CtEdit].DbFiles needs to be set to 310.

* NCR 17024 - The Cicode function DevPrint() may cause Citect to crash or become unstable.

A memory corruption may occur if using this Cicode function with an SQL Device.

* NCR 17034 - Citect may stop responding if using TCP/IP.

If your Citect implementation is using straight TCP/IP rather than NetBIOS (over TCP/IP) then after a period of time Citect may stop responding requiring a restart. This will also occur for users of the IDC (Internet Display Client) which also uses straight TCP/IP.

* NCR 17054 - Multi-Line comments in the Cicode editor are not coloured.

Multi-Line comments in the Cicode editor are only coloured if they are less than 1024 characters long, any longer than this and they don't get coloured.

* NCR 17084 - Cicode Editor's Undo feature doesn't work properly for the case of replacing selected text with a character.

If you replace a selected region of text with one character, then undo this, the text will not correctly return to what it was before the change was made.

* NCR 17088 - Problem with mixed PLC's.

If several PLCs are supplying trend data at the same sampling rate and one of the PLCs fails (or is unplugged), the other PLCs, including any disk PLCs, may stop supplying data for several seconds.

* NCR 17089 - Cicode Editor crashes when compiling after creating a new Cicode function in a new Cicode file.

The Cicode Editor will crash after creating a new Cicode function in a new .ci file and compiling.

* NCR 17098 - Creating very long tag comments may cause a GPF.

If TagInfo() is used to retrieve the comment field of a tag and this comment is longer than 63 characters a crash may occur in runtime.

* NCR 17105 - Genie Substitution Corruption.

In complex genie nesting situations, some genie substitutions may be replaced by empty strings. This can result in no longer being able to compile the project.

* NCR 17106 - Nested Genie Fill properties may not be propagated.

If an item within a base genie has a Fill/Colour property that is not of the type On/Off then using the Clear Property button results in the property remaining in any nested genies.

* NCR 17107 - Unable to create window outside viewable area.

When using the function WinNewAt() with negative coordinates, while the INI parameter [Page] DynamicSizing=0, the window will appear at 0,0.

* NCR 17108 - Temporary files remaining after Packing Libraries.

After executing Pack Libraries from the Graphics Builder Menu, some temporary files (*.TMP) may remain in the project directory. These files will be of a similar size to the corresponding genie library file (*.CTM). This causes unnecessary hard disk usage.

* NCR 17109 - Nested Genie Movement and Slider properties may not be propagated.

If an item within a base genie contains both Movement and Slider properties, and these are removed at the same time, then the removal may not be reflected in any nested genies.

* NCR 17115 - Client-server connection across slow networks can be lost.

If the client requests a large amount of data from the server (such as scrolling back and forth a long way into historical data several times) across a slow network, it is possible for the client-server connection to be lost.

* NCR 17142 - Graphics Builder crashes on ungrouping, saving or updating page.

If you have a group of objects on the page and you replace, in the symbol library, one of the symbols in the group, then some of the objects grouped with the symbol may no longer be displayed when the page is opened. You will also experience a crash if you try to ungroup, save or update the page.

* NCR 17145 - The Graphics Builder Automation interface has been extended to provide a richer set of functions for manipulating the Graphics Builder.

Refer to the Online help for further details.

* NCR 17149 - TrnGetBufValue() may generate hardware alarms.

When TrnGetBufValue() encounters an invalid or gated value, spurious hardware alarms can be generated.

* NCR 17153 - Alarm Summary Timeout enhancement.

The Alarm Summary Timeout may now be disabled. With the SummaryTimeout parameter set to -1 alarms will not be removed from the Alarm Summary based on a timeout period. Alarms will still be removed when the Alarm Summary grows beyond the number of alarms specified in the [Alarm]SummaryLength parameter.

* NCR 17154 - SQLGetField() does not display 'Text' data type fields.

When using the Cicode function SQLGetField(), fields of 'Text' data type will not be displayed.

* NCR 17170 - Text objects will only display ANSI character fonts.

On an English locale system, the text objects in Citect Graphics Builder do not provide non-ANSI character fonts like Terminal, even though these fonts appear available from the Text | Font... menu.

* NCR 17171 - Phantom Alarms on Standby Alarm Server.

If some I/O Devices are offline when the Primary Alarm Server starts up, the alarms which are related to the offline devices will show up as On and Acknowledged on the Standby Alarm Server. The Primary Alarm Server and its clients do not have those alarms.

* NCR 17172 - Debug arrow in the Cicode Editor is not cleared after Debugging is stopped.

The yellow Debug arrow in the Cicode Editor isn't cleared when Debugging is stopped, and sometimes more than one arrow is visible at a time.

* NCR 17176 - Compilation of CitectVBA functions fails when the projects directory isn't within the User directory.

If a Citect project is stored in a directory that is not within the User directory where Citect was installed, then any CitectVBA functions called will give the following compile error:

Unresolved function <FunctionName> is used in CitectVBA

* NCR 17177 - The handling of embedded calculations has changed.

Default argument expressions now require surrounding braces, otherwise a compile error is generated.

* NCR 17200 - Compiler may crash if you use very long lines in rtf report files.

The compiler may crash if you specify very long lines of code in an rtf report file without intervening carriage returns (paragraph marks).

* NCR 17198 - Unitel driver blocking constants are incorrect.

Unitel driver blocking constants have been changed from 240 bits to 192 bits.

* NCR 17220 - Driver StatusUnit call for primary units.

The parameter [IOServer]WatchDogPrimary = 1, has been added to enable status checking for primary units every watch dog cycle. The default value for this parameter is 0.

* NCR 17238 - TrnGetTable() returns incorrect values.

If the value of the TrnGetTable() Period argument is greater than the sample period of the trend, the first of the set of values returned by the function (calculated as an average, minimum or maximum) may be incorrect.

* NCR 17317 - Trend names and comments overlap on printouts.

If a trend has a long name and/or trend comment, the text can overlap other text on the page so that neither field can be read.

* NCR 17318 - Upgrading Citect can cause PageNext and PagePrev to no longer function correctly.

If you previously used entries in Prev Page and Next Page that did not exactly match the corresponding page name, then system navigation may no longer work correctly. To rectify this situation set the INI parameter



Then select "Update Pages" for the project, recompile and navigation should work as expected.

* NCR 17321 - QuickStart Audible alarms problem.

Quickstart Audible Alarms do not silence if "Acknowledge All" button used.

* NCR 17324 - Citect doesn't report Standby I/O devices going offline.

If Standby I/O Devices go offline, Citect does not catch the status change.

* NCR 17325 - Symbol set objects do not display #COM immediately a PLC goes offline.

If a Symbol Set object contains a Cicode expression that references a PLC and that PLC goes offline, the symbol set object will not immediately display a hashed pattern (#COM). Also if the object is of type Multi-State and accesses multiple PLC's it will not display a hashed pattern until all PLC's are offline.

* NCR 17335 - CitectVBA doesn't support Global variables.

CitectVBA doesn't support Global variables using Public, Dim (at module scope), and Static keywords.

* NCR 17355 - CitectVBA does not support tags starting with a number.

Citect presently supports tags starting with a number when the parameter [general]TagStartDigit=1 is set, however CitectVBA does not support this irrespective of this parameter.

* NCR 17373 - Windows 2000 may go to very high CPU usage when using Citect after a cold boot.

An issue in Windows 2000 NetBIOS implementation causes Citect to go into an infinite state which takes all the CPU. Citect appears to have hung and Windows becomes extremely sluggish.

* NCR 17380 - CitectVBA is not supported in expression fields and doesn't work in all command fields.

CitectVBA doesn't work when used in forms where cicode works, and is not supported in expression fields for dynamic objects.

* NCR 17383 - A PageGoto() in the startup function may cause a crash.

If the Citect startup function includes a PageGoto() cicode function, and the PageGoto() cannot open the page, then Citect may crash.

* NCR 17390 - CitectVBA local variables act as static variables when recursion is used.

CitectVBA local variables retain their values when the function they are defined in is recursed.

* NCR 17396 - CitectVBA to be supported in expression fields.

Currently CitectVBA cannot be used in expression fields.

* NCR 17405 - "Select Project Directory" in Browse for Folder window is not translated.

When you choose 'Browse for Folder' in the "| File | Add Project Link" in Citect Explorer, it pops up a window that has "Select Project Directory" text hard coded in English (ie not localisable into other languages).

* NCR 17421 - New Driver (UNITE).

UNITE driver is now installed with Citect.

* NCR 17422 - Daylight saving issues in the Trend System.

Trend logged in during daylight saving show an incorrect time when displayed out of DST, and vice versa.

* NCR 17425 - MEWTOCOM driver update.

MEWTOCOM driver now supports relay data addresses up to R34F.

* NCR 17433 - MXChange Tag Import driver always converts the I/O address to the Decimal format.

The Hexadecimal and Octal addressing in MXChange has been converted to Decimal addressing in Citect through tag Import.

* NCR 17435 - Specialty drivers removed.

The specialist drivers BAILEY, DNP, OPENBSI, SEMAPI, SX and MOSCAD are no longer included in the standard Citect Installation. These drivers are available via driver packs.

* NCR 17447 - MELSEC driver which was incorrectly labelled as a Beta version.

MELSEC driver labled as a release version.

* NCR 17448 - Save_Dbf.

xls did not turn "Alerts" back on after saving a DBF file. This meant that upon closing Excel with unsaved files Excel did not prompt the user to save the new work.

* NCR 17454 - SIXNET and SXDIRECT expresswiz changes.

Renamed the SIXNET entries to:

"SIXNET interface (IOmap) to SIXNET I/O"

"Citect Direct interface to SIXNET I/O"

- Ethernet

- Serial

* NCR 17460 - Problem when viewing Trend Pens outside the current user's area.

Problems occur when a user attempts to display a trend page containing some pens that are outside the user's area. Citect will either hang or none of the trend pens will display properly.

* NCR 17462 - Trend display problems with Areas.

Trends are only displayed on the client if the Privilege and Area of the user logged in on the Trend server is sufficient.

* NCR 17468 - Using winfree() to close a trend popup window may generate hardware alarm - "trend not found".

In quickstart project, when trying to add a second or following trend watch window, or to close it, the following hardware alarm may be generated: "Cicode General Trend not found QuickKillWatch WinFree". In example project, if you have a trend popup window, when you close it using the winfree() function, you will get the hardware alarm - "General Trend not found WinFree".

* NCR 17482 - COMX driver does not allow control of signal lines.

Added COMX -e port option which enables use of keywords with ComWrite() function for user control of signal lines.

* NCR 17490 - Some of the drivers in Obsidian are incorrectly labelled as Beta versions.

Updated ADAM, CSDIRECT, MOOREP, OPC to release versions.

* NCR 17492 - New Driver (P_LINK).

P_LINK Driver is now installed with Citect. First Release version

* NCR 17523 - The Cicode function StrMid() may cause Citect to crash.

If the substring requested will result in a string that is greater than 255 characters then Citect may crash or return a StrReg corruption error on shutdown.

* NCR 17551 - Trend Acquisition System fails to start up on a dual processor machine.

On a dual processor machine, the Citect runtime may not start the Trend Acquisition System although the trend server ini parameter has been set to 1.

* NCR 17552 - DDEFormu Spreadsheet.

The DDEFormu Spreadsheet has incorrect NetDDE syntax.

* NCR 17556 - Not all CitectVBA function tooltips match up to the documented definitions.

The CitectVBA functions MsgBox, StrComp, VarType and WeekDay have incorrect tooltips in the cicode editor.

* NCR 17565 - Trend printing is missing the x axis.

If a trend page has several pens set to trend tags, and these pens' numbers are not continuous, the trend printing will miss the x axis.

* NCR 17656 - The Trend page may display incorrect data after scrolling.

After pressing the forward or back scrolling buttons several times in quick succession the Trend page may display incorrect data for one or more pens.

* NCR 17658 - CTAPI ctFindFirst() query to tag database timeouts.

The performance of CTAPI has been enhanced so that CTAPI ctFindFirst() to the tag database is less likely to timeout when run for the first time after Citect is started and a very large number of tags are configured.

* NCR 17695 - Micrexsx driver may display phantom alarms.

Driver no longer displays pahantom alarms when network is disconnected and then reconnected.

* NCR 17780 - CTAPI "List" functions are not clearing the last error setting.

GetLastError() called after a call to a CTAPI "List" function may return an error value set by a previous operation.

* NCR 17787 - Citect persists alarm events.

An Alarm Logging subsystem has been introduced to allow alarm events to be persisted to disk. Logging is enabled by setting the INI parameter [AlarmLog] NumFiles to a value greater than zero - this specifies the number of log files that are to be retained. These events can then be searched via the CTAPI function 'ctFindFirst' and using CTAPIAlarmLog for the 'szTableName' parameter.

* NCR 17851 - OPC driver default update rate is 0ms.

Defualt update rate has been changed to 250ms.

* NCR 17927 - CicodeCallOpen terminates current thread of execution when it fails.

CicodeCallOpen doesn't return if it fails, it simply terminates its CitectVBA thread.

* NCR 17972 - Citect may crash during startup.

Citect may crash during startup if the Windows TAPI requires a long time to initialise.

* NCR 18019 - Trend display problems when the timebase is much larger than the sample period.

When displaying Trend data with a timebase much larger than the sample period, the figure calculated for each sample displayed can be incorrect. The same problem will occur in all the TrnExport functions.

* NCR 18020 - Requesting large spans of data through any of the TrnExport functions.

The maximum span of data that can be successfully retrieved by a TrnExport function has unintentionally been greatly reduced. The times and received sample values will be incorrect if the period times the length of a TrnExport function request is greater than approximately 25 days.

* NCR 18050 - Corrupt trend file causes error message and shutdown.

A corrupt master trend file (a trend data file with an .hst extension) may cause Citect to display the following error message and then shutdown.

Assertion Failed!

Program: D:\citect\bin\citect32.exe

File: c:\citect\v531r0\source\cit\commonlib...


Expression ncount >=

* NCR 18074 - Trnexportdbf has limited precision for 8 byte trends.

The cicode user function TrnExportDbf only exports data with 6 decimal digits even if they are for 8 byte trends.