CitectSCADA and CitectHMI

Release Notification


Version 5.42 R0


Fixed Problems and Enhancements

This is a detailed listing of the resolved problems and minor enhancements in this release. See Readme.txt and the What's New in the online help system for details of new features for this version.

* NCR 14436 - Uppercase Genie substitutions.

Genie substitution now works when defining an association using certain uppercase words (e.g. "TEXT", "FONT", "VISIBLE", "MVX", "MVY", "ROT", "SZX", "SZY", "FIL", "CMD", "DOWN_CMD", "DBLCLK_CMD", "REPEAT_CMD", "MSG_LOG", "MVXSL", "MVYSL", "ROTSL", "PRIV", "AREA", "DEVICE", "DESC", "COMMENT", "DISABLED", "SET_ARR").

* NCR 15544 - Zoom keys and an object's nodes.

The zoom window in Graphics Builder has been improved so that when using the plus and minus keys to zoom in and out, the selected object's nodes are now not altered.

* NCR 16374 - Running multiple instances of Citect's Internet Display Client (IDC) now does not cause Citect to crash.

If an IDC is currently running, an attempt to run a second one will not cause a crash.

* NCR 16380 - CTAPI dll return field size increase.

The maximum field lengths returned from CtApi.dll have been increased, so that help and comment text can be retrieved in its entirety.

* NCR 16716 - The TWINCAT Driver needs to support devices with an address range of 301-311.

Addresses 301-311 for the TWINCAT driver are now supported.

* NCR 16946 - Multiple var-args in the SNMP trap message are now supported.

It is now possible to have up to 20 var-args in the SNMP trap message. A new tag called TNVB exists to control this.

* NCR 17599 - Citect and Terminal Server.

A second instance of Citect running on a terminal server now does not cause a crash.

* NCR 17942 - DspInfoDestroy(hInfo) return value.

DspInfoDestroy(hInfo) now properly returns 0 if the function succeeds, or an error code if the function fails.

* NCR 18017 - Shift+Delete correctly cuts text in Cicode Editor.

The keyboard shortcut Shift+Delete correctly cuts text in Cicode Editor.

* NCR 18079 - Writing to alarm properties.

When writing to the properties of a number of alarms consecutively, setting the IOServer parameter BlockWrites to 0 will ensure that all of the writes will succeed.

* NCR 18179 - Regular #COMs appear in Citect runtime.

A Citect I/O Server which is experiencing slow network connections or displaying complex graphics pages may cause regular #COMs. This has been resolved.

* NCR 18215 - 'Browse' button is working correctly in the I/O Devices extended form.

The Tag browsing dialog now displays correctly when the "Browse" button is pressed in the I/O Devices form.

* NCR 18255 - Graphics Builder opening a new unlinked page.

Graphics Builder may cause a crash when a new, unlinked page is created and then another page is opened. This has been resolved.

* NCR 18256 - Citect SPC subgroups.

When performing SPC calculations, Citect now correctly allows sample groupings to be more than 25 data samples per group. They can now be up to 40 samples per group.

* NCR 18272 - Citect will correctly install on a French OS.

Citect now installs correctly on a system with a longer than usual COMMONFILES path (e.g. with a French operating system).

* NCR 18273 - Password encryption with AnsiToOem.

Some passwords cannot be used correctly when the INI setting AnsiToOem is used. This has been resolved.

* NCR 18276 - TrnEventSetTable.

The TrnEventSetTable Cicode function now correctly appends new data to existing data.

* NCR 18286 - Genie Substitution Limit.

The Genie Substitution Limit has been increased to 254.

* NCR 18304 - Improvements to the [debug]drivertrace= option.

Traces now identify the protocol, and Ports & Units are not displayed if they are not part of the driver call function. The existing KB article Q3532 has been revised.

* NCR 18322 - The Cicode function "AlarmGetDsp(hAn, "Help")

At Citect runtime, the Cicode function AlarmGetDsp (hAn, "Help") can now return 64 characters.

* NCR 18335 - Command Line Restore of New Projects is now supported.

The -a (automatic) switch to restore a project that is not already registered in the Citect database now functions correctly.

* NCR 18370 - Citect Alarm Logging correctly completes logging of the current line.

Citect Alarm Logging now correctly completes logging of the current line in the log file until the next line is written.

* NCR 18371 - Time scaling of trend display.

The snap time and current trend buffer time now function correctly in displaying trends.

* NCR 18373 - Allow CTAPI to read DBF files.

A CTAPIDBF Cicode function has been added to allow reading DBF files via CTAPI.

* NCR 18390 - TrnExportCSV function in Mode 4.

When multiple trends are exported, invalid data is now correctly identified as "N/A".

* NCR 18391 - Alarm Disable.

Citect correctly restores all alarms following a shutdown.

* NCR 18394 - S7NT supports multiple I/O Devices per port.

With the parameter [S7NT]MaxPending set to a high value, the S7NT driver can now support a higher number of I/O Devices.

* NCR 18398 - The "View | Configuration" menu item in Citect Explorer now opens the correct Citect INI file.

View | Configuration will now open the Citect.ini file in the Windows System Directory as it should.

* NCR 18417 - Trends on a networked client.

On a networked client, trends now update correctly.

* NCR 18426 - Citect may crash when displaying popup trends.

Citect now correctly displays trend popups.

* NCR 18430 - Areas and Privileges in UserSetStr().

The Cicode function UserSetStr() now sets user privileges and areas correctly.

* NCR 18471 - Diskdrv displays wrong value.

The problem of erratic display of values with diskdrv.dll has been solved.

* NCR 18515 - Corruption of Pages, Templates, Genies, Symbols and Super Genies.

Problems with corrupted Pages, Templates, Genies, Symbols, and Super Genies have been solved.

* NCR 18550 - External Properties are now written correctly throughout appropriate files.

"External Properties" are now successfully written to the correct places within a ctg file.

* NCR 18555 - New sentinel driver.

Users will now be prompted about a new sentinel driver rain5392.exe under Citect\Bin directory.

* NCR 18557 - Citect's OPC driver successfully connects to a Softing OPC Server.

The OPC driver can now successfully connect to a softing 4-control v1.3 OPC server.

* NCR 18559 - CCM Driver DBF files.

DBF files: DL205.dbf, DL305.dbf, GE_6.dbf, GE_9030.dbf, GE_9070.dbf, TI_325.dbf, TI_405.dbf, and TI_SG8 - previously found to have only one row - have been corrected to have the right number of rows.

* NCR 18581 - The OID version of OPC driver.

The OID version of OPC may cause a Citect crash. This has been resolved.

* NCR 18589 - New DriverInfo() Cicode function.

A new Cicode function, DriverInfo(), has been provided to return details about a driver for a given I/O device. See the help for more information about this function.

* NCR 18590 - Display client successfully loads animation objects onto a page.

The problem of crashes caused by a malfunction in the animator has been resolved.

* NCR 18625 - Third party OPC clients and the Citect OPC Server.

Third party OPC clients Fix, Factory Soft, and RSLinx are now able to connect to a Citect OPC Server over a network.

* NCR 18654 - Mitsubishi MXChange Tag Browsing Enhancements.

The following enhancements have been included:

1) The User ID has been set to "Admin" and greyed out

2) Only active databases on running MXChange servers are displayed

3) Only Citect nodes in active databases on running MXchange servers are displayed.

* NCR 18667 - Very large memory usage is now handled without loss of speed.

In cases involving heavy graphics and fast trending, Citect functions correctly and does not stall.

* NCR 18673 - Kernel now logs driver details at startup.

When drivers are loaded in Citect, they are now logged to the kernel window and syslog.dat. An example is:

Fri Jun 07 09:30:19 2002 Unitel Driver v2.01.02.000 driver loaded from E:\citect_541\bin\UNITEL.DLL

DLL creation time is 12:05:12 Wednesday, 15 May 2002, file size is 42736 bytes

Driver base address 0x60c20000, Common Parameters:

MaxPending=2 Block=24 Retry=3 Delay=0 Timeout=4000 PollTime=0 WatchTime=30000

* NCR 18674 - Default syslog size has been changed.

The default [debug]syslogsize= has been changed to 2000 (2Meg) from 300 (300k) to ensure more information is in the syslog before it is recycled.

* NCR 18675 - The default [kernel]errorbuffers count has now been changed to 200 from 4.

This was done to ensure traces were not lost to the syslog.

* NCR 18676 - A new driver DCB check is now possible in addition to [IOServer]dcbprotect=1.

With [debug]drivercheck=1 set, the DCB is checksummed. On return the checksum is checked as well as a flag at the end of the DCB buffer. E.g.

*** WARNING: DriverCheck=1 DCB->buffer overrun ***


*** WARNING: DriverCheck=1 DCB corrupted/changed ***

* NCR 18677 - Improvements to the [debug]drivertrace= option.

The traces now identify the protocol, and ports & units are not displayed if they are not part of the driver call function. The existing KB article Q3532 has been revised.

* NCR 18737 - Compiler error Goto option.

When the Cicode compiler finds an error in the first line of Cicode, the "Go To" button now successfully goes to the line of code with the error.

* NCR 18739 - Backspace key with double byte characters.

In Citect runtime, the Backspace key now functions properly with Text Objects when using double byte characters (e.g. Japanese).

* NCR 18740 - Unit statistics displayed in the kernel.

Citect now successfully displays the I/O devices info (unit statistics) in the kernel, without crashing.

* NCR 18746 - Multiple CTEDIT32 EXEs problem.

The problem of multiple Project Editor screens displaying has been fixed. Once Citect Explorer is closed, all open processes relating to Citect are ended.

* NCR 18749 - Cicode Editor "Save As" Dialog.

In Cicode Editor, when the [CTEDIT] USER parameter contains a path with a trailing backslash, please note that the Save As dialog does not appear.

* NCR 18759 - AlarmGetDsp has limit length for Help field.

The length of the Alarms Help field has been changed to permit 64 characters.

* NCR 18788 - "Wrong Sequence Of Packets" warning.

If network packets are received out of sequence, the warning "Wrong Sequence of Packets" will now appear.

* NCR 18796 – Trend archive writes.

Citect now does not crash during trend archive writes.

* NCR 18802 - AttributeClass function returning the wrong class.

The problem of the automation interface function AttributeClass() returning an incorrect class has been resolved (e.g. Returning "Genie" when the object is of type "Symbol").

* NCR 18811 - OPC client reconnection.

The OPC driver was taking up to 10 minutes to re-establish communications after reconnection to the network. This problem has been resolved.

* NCR 18825 - _ObjectCallMethod causing a Citect crash.

Using the Cicode function _ObjectCallMethod to call a specific method for an ActiveX object now does not cause Citect to crash.

* NCR 18877 - Key sequences now correctly support DBCS characters.

Key Sequences (e.g. "###### ENTER") now work correctly with DBCS characters.

* NCR 18889 - Scheduled IO Devices and display clients.

When starting a display client while the scheduled I/O Device is not connected to the I/O Server, both the display client and the server now display values correctly.

* NCR 18975 - Trend redundancy backfill.

With an area set, a trend tag backfills on restart correctly from the other trend servers.

* NCR 18976 - Citect shutdown.

The Slow Startup fix does not cause crashes at shutdown.

* NCR 18990 - Fixed Display Trend Problem.

In a trend display client, the display now scrolls correctly when using a display period that is not a multiple of the sample period.

NCR 18991 - ABRSLINX successfully writes to REAL tags.

ABRSLINX now correctly writes to REAL tags on PLC5.

* NCR 19000 - Compiler error with Melsec driver.

For the Melsec protocol, the compiler may report an error if some tags were configured as Input data type by using "X%x" format. This issue has been resolved.

* NCR 19024 - GPF on startup.

During startup of certain drivers, the CtRegion.dll may have caused a GPF. This problem has been resolved.

* NCR 19076 - Object appearing disabled.

Sometimes, when a disabled object was re-enabled, its appearance remained as it was when disabled. This problem has been resolved.

* NCR 19081 - New mode of [Debug]Shutdown added.

With the new parameter [Debug]Shutdown set to 2, the close button on the Citect main graphics page is disabled, but is enabled on the child graphics page.

* NCR 19084 - Invalid data may be returned from an offline I/O device.

The following problem has been resolved: When the device driver supported multiple I/O devices on the same channel and the channel was offline, the I/O server returned random data to a client from an offline I/O device. One frequent obvious manifestation of this condition was the appearance of "phantom" alarms.

* NCR 19089 - New project directory location.

When creating a new project using the pop-up dialog, if you browse for a project location, the project name is now correctly appended to the selected directory.

* NCR 19107 - Trend function remains in wait status.

Under certain conditions, the trend function ucTrendlog_ucReady() would remain in the wait status indefinitely. This problem is resolved.

* NCR 19114 - Remote I/O device tags in #WAIT.

Client requests for data may fail to be satisfied out of the I/O server cache due to differences in the way the compiler and the I/O server block data requests. This problem can be obviated by disabling compiler blocking for remote I/O devices using the new citect.ini parameter [GENERAL]DisableRemoteBlocking=1.

* NCR 19125 - Multidrop with multiple modems.

If an attempt is made to read or write data from more than one I/O device in a remote multi-drop network by forcing a connection using IODeviceControl() type 7, the second I/O device connection attempt will fail because the remote modem is engaged with the first I/O device connection. This has been resolved.

* NCR 19138 - String tags and ABLOGIX driver.

String tags now function correctly with ABLOGIX, without toggling between the last entered values.

* NCR 19142 - Cicode editor "Cannot find Object" message.

The problem with this message displaying in the Cicode Editor has been resolved.

* NCR 19155 - Citect crash on shutdown due to issue in Trend System.

A problem with the DLL CiTrendArchiveFileOffset was causing Citect to crash during shutdown when the Trend System was used. This has been resolved.

* NCR 19171 - Compiling large CiVBA code segment.

Problems compiling and executing CiVBA code segments larger than 64K have been resolved.

* NCR 19189 - IFDEF() function.

The Generic Genies Function IFDEF(%Tag%, <Defined Value>, <Undefined Value>) has been corrected, and the <Defined Value> argument now functions correctly.

* NCR 19200 - ABLOGIX status tags.

ABLOGIX status tags now work correctly with the OID version of the driver.

* NCR 19212 - Project name appending to location field.

When using the "Copy Project" Dialog, the project name now successfully appends to the end of the location field after the location has been modified.

* NCR 19213 - Updating location field when creating a new project.

In the "New Project" Dialog, the Location field is updated appropriately when the Browse button is used.

* NCR 19214 - Trend displaying when a pen is added to a blank trend page.

If a pen is added to a trend page after all pens on that page are deleted in historic mode, the trend will now correctly display.

* NCR 19219 - Cicode Editor opening the latest version of a file.

When you double click a file in the "Files" window, Cicode Editor correctly opens the latest version of the file and displays it.

* NCR 19229 - MelsecQnA Driver INI Parameters.

The default values for the MELSECQnA parameters Timeout and MaxPending have been corrected to 10000 and 1 respectively.

* NCR 19231 - CTAPI digital blocking.

CTAPI now successfully blocks 2048 digital tags correctly.

* NCR 19233 - Compiler OID blocking performance.

The compilation time for OID projects has been improved. Projects using OIDs will exhibit compilation times very similar to non-OID projects.

* NCR 19239 - Alarm Pages and high CPU loading.

Scrolling backwards and forwards on an Alarm Page with filtering enabled no longer causes high (100%) CPU loading.

* NCR 19241 - Error on shutdown using SQL functions.

Previously, Citect displayed the following error on shutdown if a project uses SQLConnect, SQLNext, and SQLExec to get data from a SQL data source. 'Error: File (D:\Chlorite\Rel\source\display\ct_ep.c) Line (275). Error StrReg corrupted with "'. This problem has been corrected and the error no longer displays.

* NCR 19272 - Setup wizard bitmap issue.

Citect computer setup wizard bitmaps now change appropriately, depending on the selected option.

* NCR 19280 - Express wizard not filling out boards form for SFDL.

The express wizard now correctly completes the address field in the boards form for the SFDL protocol.

* NCR 19321 - Document saving and the file window in Cicode editor.

Pages saved (either Cicode or CitectVBA), now correctly do not disappear from the list of files in the Open Files tab.

* NCR 19329 - ABRSLINX and blocked LONG tags.

ABRSLINX now correctly reads blocked LONG tags on PLC5.

* NCR 19337 - Help for Mitsubishi Tab Browsing.

The help button on the Mitsubishi tab browsing form now works correctly.

* NCR 19367 - Citect crash when Alarm Summary List is filled.

When [Alarm]SummaryMode is set to 1 or 3 and [Alarm]SummarySort set to 1, a crash may occur when the maximum summary length has been reached. This problem has been resolved.