1.8.5   Graphic Building Productivity

Import AutoCAD DXF

AutoCAD DXF files can be imported, edited, grouped, filled and animated. They become vector elements in the graphic that can be infinitely scaled.

Import Bitmaps, Jpegs and Gifs

For flexibility, Bitmaps, JPEGs and GIFs can be imported and animated. They cannot be edited other than scaling and position.  They are not converted to vectors but remain as bitmaps with all the limitations inherent in bitmap images.

Replace String
The "Replace String" tool in the DRAW edit menu will replace all occurrences of a string in a selected part of a graphic display.  This includes animation! For example, you could replace all occurrences of the tag TC101 with TIC202.  This allows similar displays to be copied and then easily modified for the new tag links or changes to a tagname to be easily reflected in new graphic displays.