1.8        Productivity tools & features

WebAccess provides both engineering productivity tools (to reduce engineering costs) and operational features (to help users operate more efficiently)

To reduce engineering costs, WebAccess provides many standard features to build the tag database faster, to build displays faster, and to checkout and commission the system faster.  Some of these features allow you to avoid display building altogether.    Most of these tools can be used as soon as you start; some of the tools require some planning before you can use them.

Review this section to see how you can use existing features in WebAccess to save time and increase the efficiency of engineering a project. 

An example is Alarm Handling; it is built into WebAccess.  Standard features include the Alarm Summary Display, Alarm Log, Alarm Groups, Alarm Notification by Pager and Email, an Alarm Disable function, an Alarm Graphic for each tag, an Alarm Horn, the latest Alarm Tag displayed in Status bar of all displays, and more.