10.1.2         Display Elements and Libraries

In addition to graphic displays, you can configure display toolbars, and create custom symbols, faceplates, and widgets then save them in the symbols library.


Symbols are pre-built graphical elements representing pipes, compressors, pumps, tanks and other objects.  Users can add to the symbol library, modify existing symbols and quickly build graphic displays.

The extension for source (DRAW) files are *.DSM


Widgets are pre-animated symbols and come with a 'wizard" like dialog box to prompt you with a list of tag names to animate the widget with.  WebAccess applies the tag name to all animation inside the widget element and draws it on you page.  The user can create and modify the widget libraries.  Widgets are the fastest way to build an animated graphic, just click, choose a tag and position it on the display.

The extension for source (DRAW) files are *.DWT


The Toolbar is a row of pushbuttons across the top of every display.  Toolbars are associated with display type. They ensure that every graphic has navigation to other displays and the ability to change values and acknowledge alarms. Typical toolbar functions are, Change Value, Next, Previous Display, Alarm Acknowledge, Alarm Summary. The user can customize these toolbars using the graphics builder.

The extension for source (DRAW) files are *.TLB


Faceplates are similar to Widgets.  They are most commonly used to display a PID type Controller. Faceplates are pre-animated graphical elements. They allow multiple tags to be used to animate a single graphic object.  The restriction is that the tags must be in the same block-type tag. Usually, a faceplate is associated with a single block-type.  If all the parameters used by the faceplate share the same parameter names in two block types, then the faceplate could be used with both block types.

The extension for source (DRAW) files are *.DFP


Frames are similar in concept to animated Gifs.  They allow a picture element to change within the display based on the value of a tag or time.  Frames are built from ordinary graphical element including symbols, vector objects, bitmaps, JPEGs and single page GIFs.

The extension for source (DRAW) files are *.DFM

Buttons and Pushbuttons

These are graphical representation of physical buttons used to execute commands, change displays and other control functions. These can be text or animated objects.

The extension for source (DRAW) files for Buttons are: *.BBN or *.ICO

Pushbuttons are a Dynamic objects. You can group any drawing object into a Pushbutton. Usually TEXT is grouped into a pushbutton. The Shading, bevel, color and animation are supplied by the WebAccess VIEW client.