10.1.3         Differences between DRAW and DrawDAQ

The DRAW program runs in a Web Browser and is essentially the same as the DrawDAQ version. The minor differences include:

1.      Only DrawDAQ can browse subdirectories on the local hard drive.  The Web-browser based DRAW does not allow users to brows subdirectories or browse to a higher-level directory.  This is a concession to security of the SCADA node by web browser based users to limit them only to the sub-directories specified.

2.      DrawDAQ does not have the upload files feature that DRAW uses.  In DRAW, this upload allows remote clients to upload graphics from the client to a remote SCADA node. DrawDAQ only accesses the local SCADA node and its hard drive.

3.      DRAW, the web browser version, uses a "Right-Click" menu to access many tools including Edit Menu and Dynamic Animation Menu. 


Right-Click the mouse to open Draw commands in web-browser based DRAW 

4.  DrawDAQ, on the project node, uses the traditional Windows menu bar for Animation tools.  DrawDAQ uses the menu bar to replace the DRAW Right Right-Click" menu. Their is a different set of commands if you right click in DrawDAQ.

Menu bar in  DrawDAQ opens frequently used  commands

5.  The local DrawDAQ has a different Right-Click Menu similar to the Edit menu in the web browser DRAW.

Right-click mouse menu in web-browser  DRAW

DrawDAQ  right-click menu (on Project Node only) is similar to the Edit menu in DRAW.