10.11.2    Open DRW

The Open DRW command opens an existing drawing file.

Open DRW  is accessible from the Upper DRAW Toolbar and the File Menu:

Right Click -> File -> Open DRW     (DrawDAQ users omit the right click)

The user can Select the File from the Dialog Box or type the file name (with the appropriate extension). A preview function allows users to see the display, by clicking on the file name.

Figure 10.47  Open DRW file - DRAW

DRAW users (i.e. Web Browser Clients) can not Browse folders for security reasons.

Draw users can call up any file in the \DRW subfolder if they know the exact file name and extension. For example, to modify the alarm summary, enter ALMSUM.DXX


DrawDAQ users have a traditionally Dialog box that allows them to Browse to other subdirectories and folders.

Figure 10.48  Open DRW file - DrawDAQ

Users can also enter a wildcard with the file extension to see all files of that type. For example, to see all the default template display drawing files, enter *.dxx in the file name field.