10.11.4    Save BGR

The Save BGR command saves a run-time version of the drawing file (*.bgr).  It also has an option box to save the drawing source file (*.drw).  The DRW file can be edited. You cannot edit a BGR file.  It is important to Save the DRW  since this is the only way to edit your work.

Save BGR is accessible from the Upper DRAW Toolbar and the File Menu:

Right Click -> File -> Save Bgr     (DrawDAQ users omit the right click)

It is highly RECOMMENDED to check the Save DRW File option when saving a BGR file.

Figure 10.49  Save BGR file (graphic display file)

The user should verify or edit the name of the file in the BGR File Dialog box. 

Figure 10.50  Save DRW (editable graphic source file)

By Default, WebAccess will save the DRW with the same name. It is recommended to use the DRW file extension for all you Drawing Source Files.

User the run-time version Built Graphics must be named with the *.BGR extension.

Save Options

Entire Drawing - this saves the entire drawing as a BGR file.

Rectangle Region - You are prompted to Drag a rectangle around apportion of the DRW file. This portion will appear in the BGR.



To work reliably, with the Thin Client, please limit Graphic File names to 60 characters (reserving 4 characters for the .bgr).

The Alarm Graphic feature in the WebAccess Alarm Summary, Graphic File names are limited to 32 characters.

Otherwise, file name lengths are limited by the Windows OS.

Spaces should be avoided to be compatible with Keymacro commands and Scripts. The space in a filename will truncate the name and will be misinterpreted as a local variable, an undeclared variable or the end of the command.