10.11.5    Save DRW

The Save DRW command saves the drawing file source file.  The DRW file can be edited. You cannot edit a BGR file.  It is important to Save the DRW  since this is the only way to edit your work.

Save DRW  is accessible from the Upper DRAW Toolbar and the File Menu:

Right Click -> File -> Save DRW     (DrawDAQ users omit the right click)

Save DRW is also available as an option in the Save BGR command.


The user should verify or edit the name of the file in the Dialog box. 

It is recommended to use the DRW file extension for all you Drawing Files. If you used the New DRW command, the "untitled.drw" is the default name in the Save DRW dialog box. Please Change the file name using the DRW extension.