10.3.1         Mouse Operation

The Graphic Builder program supports a mouse, trackball, or other pointing devices.

When using a mouse/trackball, it is important to be aware of the following conventions for the mouse buttons. The Graphic Builder program uses only two mouse buttons. If your mouse has three buttons, use only the left and right buttons.

Left Click

Click (with the left mouse button) to select a command on a pull-down menu, a toolbar button or an object in the drawing area.  Left Click also place elements on the screen (Symbols and Widgets) or to draw segments of Lines. Polylines, Arcs, etc.

Right Click

Right-Click function varies between the Web Browser and the Local DrawDAQ. Right-click (click with the right mouse button) to:

·         Open the DRAW Menu (in a Web Browser DRAW)

·         Open the Modify Menu (in DrawDAQ Only)

·         Terminate a command (equivalent of the ENTER key).