Command Line Prompts

The Command Line (> ____) acts as both a user prompt or as a command line. The contents of the command line changes when draw commands are picked from toolbar or menu.  User can also type commands directly (similar to AutoCAD).

As user begins a DRAW command, options for that command appear in the command line. For example, Draw -> Text results in options for Outline and Fill.   The First Option listed at the left of the command line is the default (for example in Draw -> Text, Text Position of Normal Text is chosen). 

Hint - Do not select the Command Line Option on the Left or if there is only one option shown.  This usually results in drawing an object or end point at the bottom left of the screen. Use UNDO to recover from such a mistake.


Command Line Prompts

Context or Draw command invoking the Prompt

Draw Text command line.  Click with Mouse to position normal text. Select Outline to select Outline Text (outline with empty center)
Select Fill to select Fill text (fill color, line color different)

Command line at the start of Draw Line commands.  Click Curve to draw a curve line. Else Click the mouse on the screen for a starting Point or type X, Y coordinates. Press Esc to cancel.

Second Command line to start Curve Line.

Odd numbered Command  to Draw Curve Line, Control Point (an intermediate point) or Undo Start or End Curve Line. Control points come in pairs. .  Click mouse on desired end point in the display or type X, Y coordinates. Click on Undo to erase last line segment.  Click on Close to draw a line to starting point. Press Esc to cancel.

Even Command  to Draw Curve Line, Control Point (an intermediate point) or Undo last control point 1. Control Points come in pairs

Command to Draw End point of Line, PolyLine, or Polygon Undo last or Close the Line or PolyLine on itself


Second command line at for Line and Polyline commands

Command line at for Circle command.  Click mouse on desired center point in display or type X, Y coordinates. Click on 3P to specify 3 points to define circle.   Click on 2P to specify to Points to define circle. Press Esc to cancel.