Outline Text – animated Fill

To animate Outline Text with a Fill Color, it must first be filled, then the animation to fill applied.

1.      Select the Outline Text Object by clicking once with mouse,

Figure 10.23 Outline Text selected.

2.      From the Right Click Menu, select Edit -> Fill with Color. The fill color is not important now, animation will control the actual color of the fill.

Figure 10.24 Outline Text filled for animation

3.      Select Animation icon  on top toolbar
or use the menu bar or Right Click Menu (Dynamic -> Animation ).

4.      Select Fill.

5.      Select Alarm Status.

6.      Select Colors for Normal, Alarm and Alarm ACK State.

7.      Select an ANALOG Tag to control the Fill Level.

8.      Select OK.

Figure 10.25 Outline Text in VIEW