10.6Download required after Saving Graphic

A download from the project node to the SCADA node is required if you have changed any graphic, screen script, local screen tag or key macro file.


WebAccess uses Client-Server architecture in order to maintain a single centralized database server for graphics and the tag database. The Graphic Builder creates, edits and saves files on the Project Server node. After saving a graphic, the user must use the Download the command from the Configuration Manager (or from the Toolbar Icon on a SCADA node) in order to see that graphic in the Runtime mode.  This Download will copy the modified graphic from the Project Node to the SCADA node. This is required even if you are working on the local SCADA node.


If you have made changes only to graphic displays or related elements (i.e. graphic files, screen tags, screen scripts, key macros, symbols, widgets) then downloading graph only is all that is required.