10.7 Push Buttons 

Keymacro commands are normally assigned to "Pushbuttons" on user built graphic displays. Keymacro commands are used to change displays, call up dialog boxes, change setpoint, acknowledge alarms, etc.

These same keymacro commands are used on all standard displays in WebAccess (Alarm Summary, Alarm Log, Trends, Point Detail, et al) allowing uses to modify the default displays also. Please see the Pushbutton KeyMacros, section 11, for more information on using Key Macros

Figure 10-33 Pushbuttons in VIEW or DRAW

Pushbuttons are a Dynamic Animation in WebAccess. No Gifs or Bitmaps are required. The Animation shows reverse highlights for Button-Down and Button-up. Button Color, Highlight Colors (3-D effect) , Bevel Size are user configurable for each button.

Figure 10-34 Pushbuttons in VIEW, with  Down Animation


Push Buttons can contain Text, Graphic Objects and Animated Objects. The Welcome Display on the Live Demo consists mostly of Pushbuttons.

Figure 10-35 Pushbuttons with Text, Graphics and Animation

Pushbuttons can also appear flat (by making the bevel size = 0).  The  default login button is an example of a flat pushbutton with no bevel or animation. T

Figure 10-36 Pushbutton with no bevel or animation