10.8.4         EXPORT Toolbar

You can export toolbar configuration information to a text file. The configuration can be viewed and edited using a text editor, such as Notepad. A modified toolbar text file can then be imported back to the toolbar configuration file.

To export a toolbar file to a TLL text file:

1.      From the Utility menu, choose Toolbar, you can also enter toolbar at the command prompt. The Toolbar Configuration dialog box opens.

2.      From the Toolbar box, select the toolbar to export.

3.      Click the Export button. You will be asked to confirm viewing the text file.

4.      Notepad opens to show the exported toolbar text file.

5.      Select ALL FILE types before saving the file. Otherwise, notepad will append TXT to your file.

Hint - select all file types in Notepad before saving your file.  Watch that your file name does not have a *.TLL.TXT (a double file extension)