10.8.5         IMPORT Toolbar

You can import toolbar configuration information from a text file. The configuration can be viewed and edited using a text editor, such as Notepad. A modified toolbar text file can then be imported back to the toolbar configuration file.

To import a TLL  text file to a toolbar file :

1.      From the Utility menu, choose Toolbar, you can also enter toolbar at the command prompt. The Toolbar Configuration dialog box opens.

2.      Click the Import button. In the File List dialog box, click the TRL text file to import.

3.      Click OK.

4.      After importing a text file to a toolbar file, you must save the toolbar file so the new configuration can be used for graphic displays.


Hint - If you cannot find the toolbar that you exported, look for a file with the TXT extension.  If the wrong option is picked in Notepad when exporting the toolbar it will have a double file extension *.TLL.TXT