Save BBN

The Save BBN command is used to save a drawing as a Button file. A .BBN file contains the graphical image for a button that can be configured into a Toolbar. A standard Graphic Display (*.DRW) with Text, Graphics and Animation will be shrunk to the size of a button using this command and saved with the *.BBN extension.

Create a Button - BBN

To create a button file:

1.      Start DRAW, the Graphics Builder Program.

2.      Build a Graphic with Text, Graphics and Animation. You can use symbols and widgets.

3.      From the Save menu, choose Save BBN. You can also type bbn at the command prompt.

4.      Enter a file name in the Save BTN File dialog box.

5.      Select Whole Screen or Rectangle Area to save only a portion of the screen

6.       Click OK.

7.      If the file name exists, you will be asked to confirm overwriting the file.

8.      If you selected the Rectangle Area option, click two points in the drawing area to define the opposing corners of a window. All objects in this area will be saved in the Button.  This also allows some scaling control.

9.      Optionally, save as a *.DRW so that you can edit the source file, in case you need to make changes to your button.

Note - BBN files cannot be edited.  Save your work as a DRW file for future editing.