11.1.17    </DDEPOKE>

Description:   Delimit a DDEPOKE keymacro when multiple keymacros used on one line.


Syntax:         <DDEPOKE>Server|topic!item=value </DDEPOKE>,<keymacro>


Arguments:    DDE Servername, DDE topic name, DDE item name, value,
(remember - no blank spaces allowed)


See Also:       <DDEPOKE>


Examples:      Example 1 - Use multiple keymacros, send value of Text50 to EXCEL spreadsheet cell named REALDATA and acknowledge all alarms with one button push.


                                Example 2 - Use multiple keymacros, send value of analog1 to EXCEL workbook named Book1.xls, cell named REALDATA, and return to previous display.


This command marks the end of a <DDEPOKE> keymacro when multiple keymacros are used on one line of a pushbutton.