11.1.21    <DIALOG>DLOGTRD

Description:   Data Log Trend List.

Syntax:         <DIALOG>DLOGTRD                                   


Arguments:    (no blank spaces allowed)

See Also:       <F4>, <GOTO>DLOGTRD=, <GOTO@TAG>tag=DLOGTRD

Examples:      <DIALOG>DLOGTRD

Pops up a Dialog Box with a list of configured Data Log Trend Groups.  The keymacro is ignored if no Data Log Trend Groups are configured.  The keymacro Shortcut is <F4> and is the same as the F4 function key on the keyboard

These are Template displays. WebAccess automatically connects the data for a Data Log Trend Group to the Data Log Trend template display.  If multiple pages are required, the same trend template is used. Users can customize the trend template display-using DRAW. The Data Log Trend Groups are a list of tag names built using WebAccess Project Manager.   Data logging must be enabled for the tag.