11.1.28    <DIALOG>REALTRD

Description:   Real Time Trend List.

Syntax:         <DIALOG>REALTRD                        


Arguments:    (no blank spaces allowed)

See Also:       <F3>, <GOTO>REALTRD=, <GOTO@TAG>tag=REALTRD

Examples:      <DIALOG>REALTRD

Pops up a Dialog Box with a list of configured Real Time Trends.  The keymacro is ignored if no Real Time Trends are configured. The same as the Keymacro Shortcut  <F3> and the F3 function key on the keyboard.

Real Time trend data is not saved to disk.  Real Time trends show data only for the width of the trend window providing short-term trend feature for data that does not need to be permanently recorded.  See Data Log Trends for permanent data logging to disk

These are AUTO_GENERATED displays. WebAccess automatically generates the Real Time Trend displays from the Real Time Trend Groups and a single Real Time Trend template display.  If multiple pages are required, the same trend template is used. The Real Time Trend Groups are a list of tag names built using the WebAccess Project Manager.  Users can customize the trend template display.