Description:   Change Dialog Box.

Syntax:         <DIALOG>TAGVALCHG=tagname



Arguments:    tagname

See Also:       <CTL_F3>

Examples:      <DIALOG>TAGVALCHG=ZT-184


Similar to double-clicking a pick-able Tag on a display.  Pops up a Dialog Box appropriate for Point Type: Analog, Digital or Text.  The Dialog Box allows operators to change the value of the tag referenced using either the keyboard, mouse or touch screen.  If tag is READ ONLY, keymacro is ignored. Similar to the keymacro shortcut <CTL_F3> and is similar to pressing the Ctrl + F3 function keys on the keyboard.  <DIALOG>TAGVALCHG=@%TPICKTAG will duplicate the <CTL_F3> shortcut.