Description:   Calls a user-defined DLL.

Syntax:         <DLLEXEC>UserFunction^data@UserDLL.dll                             


Arguments:    UserFunction is the funtion in the user-defined DLL.|
data is data passed to the DLL
UserDLL.dll is trhe name of the user dll


See Also:       14.4.6 User-defined DLL with VIEW / ViewDAQ

Examples:      <DLLEXEC>MyFunction^data@MyDLL.dll

Runs a use defined DLL copied to the SCADA node. Most commonly used to create custom dialog boxes and Pops. When calling up MyFunction from with View client, MyDLL.dll will be automatically downloaded from the SCADA node to client computers. For a detailed explanation see 14.4.6 User-defined DLL with VIEW / ViewDAQ  .