11.1.39    <GOTO>ALARMLOG

Description:   Changes display in current window to the Alarm Log of last 5000 to 10,000 alarms. Same as the <C_F8> keymacro.

Syntax:         <GOTO>ALARMLOG

Arguments:    none

See Also:       <C_F8>, <GOTO>ALMSUMMARY

Examples:      <GOTO>ALARMLOG

The Alarm Log is a record of the last 10,000 alarms.  Only the last 5000 are written to disk.  Restarting WebAccess will result in only the last 5000 alarms listed in the Alarm Log.  The Alarm Log is associated with a text file on the SCADA node hard drive named bwalarm.log. Same as the <CTL_F8> keymacro shortcut and pressing the Ctrl + F8 function keys on the keyboard