11.1.3         <ALMACKS>

Description:   Acknowledge alarms for a single tag or a list of tags described in an array of tag names.
<ALMACKS>tagname 0 0 will acknowledge alarms for a single tag.
<ALMACKS>@arraytag 0 1000 will acknowledge alarms for a list of tags in an array type text tag.

Syntax:         <ALMACKS >tagname 0 0

                        <ALMACKS>@tag  0 0

                        <ALMACKS>@arraytag first last


Argument:     tagname, tag containing tag name, array tag containing list of tag names, start element in array, last element in array, (no blank space before tagname)

See Also:       <CTL_F2>, <ALMACK>


Examples:      acknowledge the tag named ZT-184
<ALMACKS>ZT-184 0 0


example - acknowledge a tag contained in the text tag text50


<ALMACKS>@text50 0 0


<ALMACKS>@text50 0 0


example - ack first tag in alarm summary



example - ack first 18 alarms in the alarm summary page



example - same as <CTL_F2> - acknowledge tag picked by operator



This Keymacro is designed for use with the System Template displays: Alarm Summary, Alarm Groups, and Recipes.  It can be used with an ordinary pushbutton. Multiple tags can be acknowledged if they are listed in an array text-type tag.

The <ALMACKS> keymacro will Acknowledge the alarm state of single tag. To acknowledge a single tag, you must use dummy start and end numbers (0 0)  even if only one tag is specified. 

The @ sign - for arrays
If you are using an array tag that contains a list of tagnames, you must use the indirect symbol, @.   The @ symbol means the tag specified contains name of one or more tags to be acknowledged. The start and stop elements describe which elements of the array are to be acknowledged.  For example, <ALMACKS>@%TALMSUM4 0 17. will acknowledge the first 18 alarms contained in the text array type tag %TALMSUM4 (i.e. the first 18 tags listed in the alarm summary).  Note that the % sign just means it is a system tag. 

<ALMACKS> is similar to the keymacro shortcut <CTL_F2> and is similar to pressing the Ctrl + F2 function keys on the keyboard. However, when using <CTL_F2> the user must select a tag first by clicking it with a mouse or selecting it from a display or tag list.  <ALMACKS> will acknowledge tag(s) specified.