11.1.40    <GOTO>ALMGRAPH=

Description:   Changes display in current window to a display defined as the Alarm Graphic for the tag named or referenced.  

Syntax:         <GOTO>ALMGRAPH =tagname

                        <GOTO> ALMGRAPH =@tagname

Argument:     tagname, (no blank spaces)


Examples:      #example 1 - change to Alarm Graphic display of tag ZT-184



#Example 2 -Alarm Graphic for currently selected tag


Changes the display in the current display window to the Graphic Display assigned as the Alarm Graphic for the specified tag.  The Alarm Graphic is assigned during configuration of the tag and can be any user built graphic (*.BGR).   If no Alarm Graphic is assigned to the tag, the keymacro is ignored. If the tag is not in alarm, the keymacro is ignored. The tag must be in the Alarm or Acknowledge state for the keymacro to change the display to the Alarm Graphic.