11.1.43    <GOTO>BLOCKDTL=

Description:   Changes display in current window to Block Detail Display for the tag named or referenced.  

Syntax:         <GOTO>BLOCKDTL=tagname:parameter


Argument:     tagname, (no blank spaces)

See Also:       <F7>, <GOTO@TAG>tag=BLOCKDTL

Examples:      #example 1 - change to point detail display of tag ZT-184



#Example 2 - change to currently selected tag (same as <F7>)


Changes the display in the current display window to the Block Detail Display for the specified tag. A Block Detail Display must exist that matches the BTYPE of the tag (Block Type).  There can be multiple pages assigned to a Block Detail Display. The Block Detail display(s) have the *.BD1, *.BD2 file extensions. BTYPE.BD1 is the first page; BTYPE.BD2 is the second page, etc. The Block Detail display allows one display to be used to view many tags.

WebAccess provides Block Detail Displays for some pre-built block types supplied with the system.  These can be modified by users by editing the BTYPE.dxx, source files and resaving them with the *.BD1 (or BD2, BD3) extension.

Users can build user defined Block detail displays for new Block Types.  These user-defined Block Detail Displays should be saved using the Block Name (BNAME) and the *.BD1 extension. For example, a block type LVLCTL would have a Block Detail display named LVLCTL.BD1


Example 2 above is similar to the <F7> keymacro used on the toolbar and the F7 key on the keyboard.

If a Block Detail display does not exist with a name that matches the BTYPE of the tag, the keymacro is ignored.