11.1.48    <GOTO>OVERVIEW=

Description:   Changes display in current window to the Overview Display for specified Overview page number

Syntax:         <GOTO>OVERVIEW=number

Arguments:    Overview page number, (no blank spaces)

See Also:       <F1>, <GOTO> FPLGROUP=

Example:       <GOTO> OVERVIEW =1

Changes display to Overview display.  Ignores the keymacro if no faceplate groups are configured. Similar to keymacro shortcut <F1> and the F1 function key on the keyboard.

These are AUTO_GENERATED displays.  WebAccess automatically generates the Overview display from the Faceplate Groups from a single overview template. If multiple pages are required, the same overview template is used. Users can customize the overview template.  Overview Displays are generated from the Faceplate Groups configured by the user.  Overview Displays are text only, showing the tagname, current value and alarm status.  If tag is a block, the value of the first parameter in the block is shown.