11.1.49    <GOTO>POINTDTL=

Description:   Changes display in current window to Point Detail Display for the tag named or referenced.  

Syntax:         <GOTO>POINTDTL=tagname


Argument:     tagname, (no blank spaces)

See Also:       <S_F7>, <GOTO@TAG>tag=POINTDTL

Examples:      #example 1 - change to point detail display of tag ZT-184



#Example 2 - change to currently selected tag (same as Shift plus F7)


Changes the display in the current display window to the Point Detail Display for the specified tag. Similar to the keymacro shortcut <S_F7> and is the same as pressing the Shift + F7 function keys on the keyboard.

By default, WebAccess will call up one of three default Point Detail Displays: ANALOG.bpd, DIGITAL.bpd or TEXT.bpd to match the point type (tagname.PTYPE).  These three default Point Detail displays are supplied with all WebAccess Systems.  They can be modified by users by editing the analog.dxx, digital.dxx or text.dxx source files and resaving them with the *.BPD extension.

For example, if the tag is an ANALOG type (Ptype=ANALOG) and there is no User built graphic named after the parameter type (PNAME) then the Analog.bpd is called up.  Note this one ANALOG.bpd is used for all analog type tags that do not have a user built detail display.

Users can build user defined point detail displays for each Parameter Type (tagname.PNAME).  These user defined Point Detail Displays should be saved using the Parameter Name (PNAME ) with the *.BPD extension.

For example, for the default Modbus Parameters, any tag built using the AI parameter could have a user defined Point Detail Display named AI.BPD, appear instead of the ANALOG.BPD.

This is similar to the <S_F7> keymacro used on the toolbar and the Shift + F7 keys on the keyboard.