11.1.50    <GOTO>REALTRD=

Description:   Changes display in current window to the Real Time Trend Display for specified trend group number

Syntax:         <GOTO>REALTRD=number

Arguments:    Trend group number, (no blank spaces)

See Also:       <DIALOG>REALTRD 

Examples:      <GOTO>REALTRD=1

Real Time trend data is not saved to disk.  Real Time trends show data only for the width of the trend window providing short-term trend feature for data that does not need to be permanently recorded.  See Data Log Trends for permanent data logging to disk

These are AUTO_GENERATED displays. WebAccess automatically generates the Real Time Trend displays from the Real Time Trend Groups and a single Real Time Trend template display.  If multiple pages are required, the same trend template is used. The Real Time Trend Groups are a list of tag names built using the WebAccess Project Manager.  Users can customize the trend template display.