11.1.56    <GOTO>URL=daq:

Description:   Connects to another SCADA Node. 

Syntax: <GOTO>URL=daq:gotocommad#proj=projectname&node=nodename&flag=number^target=name^replace=option^style=option^settings=option


Arguments:    GOTO command, project name, node name and web browser options.  (NO BLANK SPACES)

Returns:        none

See Also:       <GOTO>URL=webctrl:, <GOTO>URL=video:


Examples:    <GOTO>URL=daq:graph=page2.bgr#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=OWL^target=pop1



Changes display to another SCADA Node from the same project node, if no project specified. (note - project must be specified if target option used).

If ^target is specified, opens in a new Web Browser pop-up window.  If named target is already open, then  new URL is opened in existing target window.   Will open an IE browser regardless of default browser on PC (always opens Internet Explorer). IE 6.0, 7.0, or later must be installed on client PC. This is supported by Browser based clients (VIEW) and the local ViewDAQ. Project and Node must be specified if new target window named. 

&Flag enables new window to have VIEW properties described (e.g. toolbars, status bas, et al). This avoids double toolbars, double status bars in ViewDAQ or cascaded VIEW.  

& Flag format:

flag = popm_flag + scrb_flag*2 + tool_flag*128 + 5*256 + stat_flag*2048 + goto_flag*32768 + alog_flag*2147483648

where :   popm_flag -> 0 : popup menu enabled,    1: popup menu disabled

             scrb_flag -> 0 : scroll bar enabled,    1: scroll bar disabled

             tool_flag -> 0 : tool bar enabled,    1: tool bar disabled

             stat_flag -> 0 : status bar enabled,    1: status bar disabled

             goto_flag -> 0 : goto function enabled,    1: goto function disabled

             alog_flag -> 0 : enter/exit log enabled,    1: enter/exit log disabled

& FLAG example:


This will display main.bgr of current project_node with popup menu, tool bar, status bar, goto function, and enter/exit log disabled.

goto string

A goto string can be used in <GOTO>url, daq and, <SENDVDO>. In addition to the regular goto strings, users can also use "gototag=tag=where" . The valid values for where are overview, fplgroup, realtrd, realxyp, almgroup, dlogtrd, dlogxyp, graph, blockdtl, pointdtl, and recipe. Examples are:

1) <GOTO>url=daq:gototag=t1=dlogtrd

Used in a Video Display will create a View in Graph to display the Datalog Trend group which contains tag t1. (Note, a View in Graph window is created using Draw Video).

2) <GOTO>url=daq:gototag=t3=graph

Will create a View inside View/ViewDAQ to display the Graph file which contains tag t3.