11.1.62    <GOTO>VIDEO

Description:   Changes display in current window to full size Video Group (i.e. Camera) specified in the argument.


Syntax:         <GOTO>VIDEO=videoname.vdo


Arguments:    video group with file extension (*.vdo)


See Also:       <F10>, <DIALOG>VIDEO, <GOTO>URL=,<GOTO>URL=vdo:, <GOTO>URL=daq:video


Examples:      <GOTO>VIDEO=BW_USA.VDO

<GOTO>VIDEO=group.vdo opens Video Camera window, replacing the current display.  The Video Camera window fills the entire graphic display area. The Video Group must be configured in Project Manger.

Alternatives to <GOTO>VIDEO are:

1) <GOTO>URL to open a Web Browser Popup using in a keymacro file (because of length).





2) <DSPPOPUP>@ or <DSPPOPUPDEP>@ to open a ViewDAQ display Group with as a Popup with the Window pre-sized and positioned and the Video Group saved as default display for the Display Group.

3) <GOTO>GRAPH= with a user-built display having small video windows built using the Dynamic->Video Display.