Description:   Adds first line of text to the "Body" of this email message. 

Syntax:         <MAIL>BODY=text line 1</MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY= text line 1

Argument:     text string, text string, new line character (/n) 
</MAIL> not needed for Keymacro file

See Also:       <MAIL>, </MAIL>, <MAIL>BODY_ADD


Examples:      <MAIL>BODY=This is first line of message </MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY=High Temperature Alarm in Reactor 1A \n

The text value should be one line of text. It is optionally separated by newline (\n) characters from any following lines added  with <MAIL>BODY_ADD. User must perform all line wrapping. The text will be sent verbatim.  Must be specified before each <MAIL>SEND command. <MAIL>SEND clears the buffer of any previous <MAIL>BODY entry.