Description:   Adds text to the "Body" of this email message. 

Syntax:         <MAIL>BODY_ADD=text line 2</MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY_ADD= text line 2

Argument:     text string, new line character (/n)
</MAIL> not needed for Keymacro file

See Also:       <MAIL>, </MAIL>, <MAIL>BODY


Examples:      <MAIL>BODY_ADD=This is second line of message </MAIL>
<MAIL>BODY=High Temperature Alarm in Reactor 1A \n

Follows a <MAIL>BODY keymacro to add additional text to the original BODY of the message.  The text value should be one line of text. It is optionally separated by newline (\n) characters from any following lines added  with <MAIL>BODY_ADD.  The user must perform all line wrapping. The text will be sent verbatim, line-by-line, except if longer than 998 characters. Lines longer than 998 characters will be split, not necessarily at word boundaries, to comply with RFC 821, so it's a really good idea to do line wrapping using the new line characters /n, before passing your text.

Must be specified before each <MAIL>SEND command. <MAIL>SEND clears the buffer of any previous <MAIL>BODY and <MAIL>BODY_ADD entries.