11.1.76    <P_UP>

Description:   Pages UP to the UP LINK Graphic specified in Set Graph Parameters of this display. 

Syntax:         <P_UP>                 

Argument:     none

See Also:       <P_UP>


Examples:      <P_UP>

Same as the Page Up and Pg Up keys on the keyboard. <P_UP> is used in conjunction with the uplink and downlink in Set Graph Parameters allowing you to build Browse Sequences  for your Graphic Displays and to link multi-page Block Detail displays.

1.      Open Set Graph Parameter Dialog Box (File -> Set Graph Parameter)

2.      In the UP Link field enter the name of the next graphic display (e.g. Display1.bgr, Blocktype1.bd1)

3.      Click OK

4.      Add a Pushbutton with Keymacro <P_UP> to the Display.

The PgUP key on the keyboard will execute this Keymacro also.