11.1.79    <RCPDOWNLOAD>@

Description:   Downloads the specified Recipe or Downloads an open recipe if no recipe file is specified

Syntax:         <RCPDOWNLOAD>@


Argument:     Recipe File, Unit Name, Recipe Name



Examples:      <RCPDOWNLOAD>@PAINT.RCP^Mixer1^SkyBlue


Downloads to the specified Unit, the Recipe from the Recipe File.    If no Recipe File specified, downloads the recipe opened with the <RCPOPEN> keymacro.  Intended for use on user built displays.  Will download the Recipe opened with <RCPOPEN> keymacro executed from any display or a script using the RCPOPEN Action Command.

Similar to Shift_F1 and <S_F1> on Recipe Display

%TRCP2FILE, %TRCP2RECIPE, %TRCP2UNIT, %TRCP2DESC are associated with user-built displays and can be used to display the opened recipe file, recipe, recipe description and unit.