11.1.99    <SQLPREPARE>


Description:   Places part of an SQL command line into buffer to make a single SQL command line from multiple pushbuttons or keymacro.

Syntax:         <SQLPREPARE>partial sql command line


Arguments:    incomplete SQL command  line


Examples:      <SQLPREPARE>INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES ('DEC-31-2222'

                   <SQLPREPARE>, '12:59:59', 1000, 9000)


This command is used to execute an SQL command that is more than one line long.  An <SQLEXECUTE> must be used when a complete SQL command is formed.  <SQLPREPARE> allows a single large SQL command to be written across multiple lines in a script.

<SQLPREPARE> with a <SQLEXECUTE> is the equivalent of a single  <SQLDIRECT>.  However, the Script editor effectively limits an SQLDIRECT command to 1000 characters.  

On a pushbutton, on SQLPREPARE is limited to 75 characters.  If using a keymacro file, the line limit to 1000 characters.  SQLPREPARE has a 16,000 (16k) character buffer limit.

<SQLPREPARE> will interact with the related script Action commands SQLDIRECT and SQLEXECUTE allowing a script to initialize or open an SQL session and user keymacro commands to enter data.

WebAccess supports both Level 1 and Level 2 SQL statement.  SQL is an acronym for Structured Query Language.  Please refer to an SQL manual for complete syntax of the SQL language. These commands are used to interact with a Database file like Access or SQL Server through an ODBC DSN. For a complex series of SQL commands, a script may be easier to implement.