11.2.22    <ALT_F4>

Description:   Close current WebAccess Windows and all Dependent Windows opened with ViewDAQ. Will close the Display Group this pushbutton is inside.  Logged in user must have password level to close DAQ Window.




<ALT_F4> will close the current Display Group.  It will also close all the "Child" Dependant Windows opened from this Display Group. The <ALT_F4> pushbutton is inside the display group to be closed. The intent is to close only a Dependant Child or Group and leave other ViewDAQ windows open.  Will Leave Parent open.

The user must have a Security Level greater than or equal to the "Exit Password Level configured for the Display Group. If not, a popup dialog box will opened to prompt the user to login as a new user.

The pushbutton keymacro <ALT_F4> is for ViewDAQ only. Web browser clients using VIEW will ignore <ALT_f4>

The keyboard keys ALT + F4 is a windows keymacro shared by WebAccess. The key strokes ALT + F4 will close any selected window, including a web browser client using VIEW. The keymacro <ALT_F4> in a display is ignored by VIEW (i.e. web browser clients.)  But, the keyboard stroke ALT + F4 will close VIEW.

<ALT_F4> is a Pushbutton keymacro frequently used in a Dependent Display to close only the child  (in local ViewDAQ). For example,  assume you are looking for the Key Macro for use inside a Child (Dependent) Display group to close only that Child (Dependent) and leave the  parent open. If you have a button inside the child, you should use <ALT-F4> to close only the child (dependent) display group. If you have a button inside the Parent, you should use <CLOSEDEP>childname.  By contrast, <CLOSECUR>, will close this window, all "child" dependant and the Parent Display Group.