11.4.2        Key Mapping for a Graphic

In addition to global key mapping, which defines a key mapping table for all Views and ViewDAQs, users can specify a local key mapping table for each individual graph.

Keymapping a single graphic display applies to all  VIEW clients and all ViewDAQ

Keymapping a graphic display is implemented from the KeyMapping section of "Set Graph Parameters" in DRAW or DrawDAQ .

To define a local key mapping table:

1) In Draw or DrawDAQ, call up "Set Graph Parameters" dialog box.

2) In the Key Mapping File field, select or enter a key mapping file. To create or modify key mapping file, please click the Edit button right next to the field.

3) Save and Exit.

4) Download graph.

If a local key mapping table is defined, both local and global key mapping will be performed. To turn off/on local or global key mapping functions for each individual View/ViewDAQ, please set %DKEYMAPFILE (local) or %DKEYMAPPING (global) to 0/1.