12.10.16          Calculate time to run a Script

It is important to turn Action Log Off: each SETVAL writes to Action Log file and possibly to Action Log ODBC database. Turn off Action log to make scripts faster.

# text10 is screen tag displays start time

set startime [clock seconds]

SETVAL text10=$startime


# important to turn Action Log off


# This reads tags from TextArryB and writes tags to TextArryA

# of 1000 elements, 70 characters each element

for {set Z 0} {$Z<$1000s} {incr Z} {

      SETVAL "TextArryA($Z)=[GETVAL TextArryB($Z)]"



# text11 & txt12 are screen tags to  display stop time and elapsed time for this script

set stoptime [clock seconds]

SETVAL text11=$stoptime

set delta [expr $stoptime - $startime]

SETVAL text12=$delta

The time to process is about 2 seconds, about ¼ the time as 200 tags.  This is because the there are only 2 tag ids that must be found with the two text arrays and there are 200 tag ids that must be found for the 200 individual tags.