12.12    JScript

JScript  (pronounced "Jay Script") is also provided for advanced users already familiar with Java Script used for many web sites.  It is indirectly related to Java. This is well documented on the Microsoft website and user guides.  This engineering manual doesn't go into detail on JScript commands and assumes the user is already familiar with JScript. JScript is augmented using the ACTION commands similar to those used with TCL.

WebAccess uses the JScript engine that is part of the Windows Operating system. On the SCADA Node this affects Global Scripts and local scripts used in ViewDAQ.  If JScripts  are somehow disabled on the SCADA Node, Global Scripts and local scripts in ViewDAQ won't run.

If JScripts  are somehow disabled on the client, JScripts won't run as Local Scripts.

Note that the Tcl engine is installed as part of the Client Plug-in (Active X control). WebAccess does not install a JScript engine.

JScript requires (); Parentheses for functions and a semi-colon to terminate most expressions.

For more information on JScript, please visit: