GOTO URL=vdo:

Description:   Connects to IP enabled Video camera filling the web browser window. Optionally open a new window using target name. 

Syntax:         GOTO URL=vdo:cameratype#ip=address&options^target


Arguments:    Window is the user defined name given the Video Display Window. Video type is named after the WebAccess camera Driver. Address is an IP address, URL or network name. Options include paths to CGI scripts and port numbers. Target gives a name for a new web browser window.


Returns:        none

See Also:       GOTO URL=webctrl:, <GOTO>URL=daq:,<GOTO>VIDEO=, <SENDVDO>, <DIALOG>VIDEO


Examples:      {GOTO URL=vdo:camviewlc#ip=}
GOTO URL=vdo:atoplc#ip=
GOTO URL=vdo:atoplc#ip=^target=video2^height=400^width=450^left=470^status=0^toolbar=0}


For more example scripts see Video Script Examples