GOTODAQ URL=daq:webctrl=

Description:   Connects to Video camera configured for the SCADA Node using the video file name (*.vdo) of the configured device.  Same as GOTO URL=daq:video.


Tcl:              GOTO URL=daq:webctrl=videofile.vdo#proj=projectname&node=name^target=name^replace=option^style=option^settings=option

JScript:           GOTODAQ("URL=daq:webctrl=videofile.vdo#proj=name&node=name^target=name^replace=option^style=option^settings=option");  

VB Script:       GOTODAQ "URL=daq:webctrl=videofile.vdo#proj=name&node=name^target=name^replace=option^style=option^settings=option"


Arguments:    GOTO command, project name, node name and web browser options. (NO BLANK SPACES).

is the User assigned name for a configured camera (see 17.1 Configure a Video Camera connection).

gives a name for a new web browser window. If used in ViewDAQ, will open IE 6.0 web browser window.

For information on the ^target, ^replace, ^style options see GOTODAQ URL http. 

For project &options see Combine bwViewPg_options with &.


Returns:        none

See Also:       <GOTO>URL=webctrl:, <GOTO>URL=daq:video, GOTODAQ URL=daq:video, <GOTO>URL=video:


Changes display camera configured for a SCADA node in the same project node.  If target is specified, opens in a new Web Browser pop-up window.  If named target is already open, then  new URL is opened in existing target window.   Will open an IE browser regardless of default browser on PC (always opens Internet Explorer). IE 6.0, 7.0, or later must be installed on client PC. This is supported by Browser based clients and ViewDAQ. Same as GOTODAQ URL=daq:video.


The GOTO URL=vdo command uses the camera driver name (Cameratype): a camera does not have to be configured elsewhere.

This GOTO URL=daq:webctrl requires a camera to be configured in 17.1 Configure a Video Camera connection and uses the user assigned name for that camera.


If called from ViewDAQ,  user login will be required using this command unless &user and &pass options are used.  VIEW will open using the existing web user login. See Combine bwViewPg_options with &.




GOTO URL=daq:webctrl=BW_office.vdo#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&tool=0&stat=0^target=video1^height=400^width=450^left=20^status=0^toolbar=0

GOTO URL=daq:webctrl=AxisCameraUK.vdo#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&user=tom&pass=tom&tool=0&stat=0^target=video1^height=400^width=450^left=20^status=0^toolbar=0





Rem VB Script

GOTODAQ "URL=daq:webctrl=BW_office.vdo#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&tool=0&stat=0^target=video1^height=400^width=450^left=20^status=0^toolbar=0"


# tcl

set string1 "URL=daq:video=AxisCameraUK.vdo#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&user=tom&pass=tom&tool=0&stat=0^target=video1^height=400^width=450^left=20^status=0^toolbar=0"

GOTODAQ $string1


// JScript

var string1 = "URL=daq:video=BW_office.vdo#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&tool=0&stat=0^target=video1^height=400^width=450^left=20^status=0^toolbar=0";



Rem VB Script

Dim string1

string1 ="URL=daq:video=BW_office.vdo#proj=LIVEDEMO&node=SCADANode1&tool=0&stat=0^target=video1^height=400^width=450^left=20^status=0^toolbar=0"

GOTODAQ string1