GOTODAQ URL=vdo:

Description:   Connects to IP enabled Video camera filling the web browser window (VIEW) or local ViewDAQ window. Optionally open a new window using target name. 


Tcl:             GOTODAQ URL=vdo:cameratype#ip=address&options^target

JScript:        GOTODAQ ("URL=vdo:cameratype#ip=address&options^target");

VB Script:     GOTODAQ "URL=vdo:cameratype#ip=address&options^target"


Arguments:    Cameratype is named after the WebAccess camera Driver (see 17.1 Configure a Video Camera connection).
is an IP address, URL or network name.
include paths to CGI scripts and port numbers.
gives a name for a new web browser window. If used in ViewDAQ, will open IE web browser window. For information on the ^target option see GOTODAQ URL http.


Returns:        none



This GOTO URL=vdo command uses the camera driver name (Cameratype): a camera does not have to be configured elsewhere. The GOTO URL=daq:vdo requires a camera to be configured in 17.1 Configure a Video Camera connection and uses the user assigned name for that camera.

Will open an IE browser regardless of default browser on PC (always opens Internet Explorer). IE 6.0 or later must be installed on client PC. This is supported by Browser based clients (VIEW) and the local ViewDAQ. In ViewDAQ, this will open VIEW in a web browser. Project and Node must be specified if new target window named. 



# tcl

GOTODAQ URL=vdo:camviewlc#ip=

GOTODAQ URL=vdo:atoplc#ip=

GOTODAQ  URL=vdo:atoplc#ip=^target=video2^height=400^width=450^left=470^status=0^toolbar=0
GOTODAQ URL=vdo:axiscam#ip=sprout.warwick.ac.uk&cgi=cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi&cam=resolution=352x240&bc=1


// JScript



Rem VB Script

GOTODAQ "URL=vdo:activecam#ip=http://arachne.berkeley.edu:3001/push.jpg^target=Video2"



# tcl

set string1 "URL=vdo:axiscam#ip=sprout.warwick.ac.uk&cgi=cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi&cam=resolution=352x240&bc=1"

GOTODAQ $string1


// JScript

var string1 ="URL=vdo:axiscam#ip=sprout.warwick.ac.uk&cgi=cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi&cam=resolution=352x240&bc=1";



Rem VB Script

Dim string1

string1 ="URL=vdo:axiscam#ip=sprout.warwick.ac.uk&cgi=cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi&cam=resolution=352x240&bc=1"

GOTODAQ string1


For more example scripts see Video Script Examples