Description:   Changes display to the Block Detail display for the referenced tag.    


Tcl:             GOTODAQ  BLOCKDTL=tagname  

JScript:        GOTODAQ("BLOCKDTL=tagname");

VB Script:     GOTODAQ "BLOCKDTL=tagname"


Argument:     "BLOCKDTL=tagname" is not case sensitive

See Also:      Block Detail, GOTOTAG, GOTODAQ,


Tcl example:     GOTODAQ BLOCKDTL=TIC101

The Block Detail display name must match the block type (blocktype.bd1) of the tag.  The Block Detail Display is a user built Template Display.  The Block Detail allows many tags to be viewed using this one Template.  Some Drivers come with default Blocks and associated Block Detail display.  This command is ignored for single point type tags.