MAIL cc

Description:   A valid email address that mail will be sent as "carbon copy", in a form like recipient@company.com


tcl:              MAIL {cc=recipient@mailserver.com}

JScript:        MAIL("cc=recipient@mailserver.com");              

VB Script:      MAIL "cc=recipient@mailserver.com" 

Argument:    "cc=", valid email address

See Also:       MAIL, MAIL "to_add", MAIL "bcc="


Examples:      MAIL cc_add=webaccess@yourcompany.com
MAIL "cc_add=webaccess@yourcompany.com"
MAIL {cc_add=Supervisor1 <info@yourcompany.com}

MAIL {cc=@tag2}

MAIL "cc=$variable"

A valid email address should specify the email address that mail will be sent as`CC', in a form like tcarter@yourcompany.com or -from "Tom Carter <tcarter@yourcompany.com>". The address is added to the "CC:" header and to the list of recipients.

Must be specified before each MAIL "send' command. MAIL "send" clears the buffer of any previous MAIL "cc" entry.