12.4.33    SCRSTOP

Description:   Stops any looping script called by the SCRLOOP command..


Tcl:             SCRSTOP

JScript:        SCRSTOP();

VB Script:     SCRSTOP

Argument:     none

Returns:        none

See Also:       SCRLOOP, <SCRSTOP>,<SCRLOOP>  


Examples:      SCRSTOP

SCRSTOP will stop any looping script called by SCRLOOP in the current task (i.e. client window).  The keymacro <SCRSTOP> will perform the same function.    The SCRSTOP command can be executed from any script from any display within the calling task (i.e. client window).  Only one script can loop in any task (i.e. client window or display group window). SCRSTOP will not halt a looping script running in a separate display window or separate client window. SCRSTOP will stop a script called by the keymacro <SCRLOOP> if executed in the same task or client window.