12.4.3         BINDVAR

Description:   Binds value of tag or tag field to a script variable. Tcl only.

Syntax:         BINDVAR scriptvariable tagname

                        BINDVAR scriptvariable tagname.field

                        BINDVAR scriptvariable blockname:parameter.field


Arguments:    variable name,  tag name 

Returns:        Analog, digital or text value of a declared tag


See Also:       @, GETVAL, SET, SETVAL, variable, global

Examples:      BINDVAR value tag4

                                BINDVAR hilimit tag4.outph

Used in Tcl scripts only. Binds the Value of a Tag, DaqTag, or Screen Tag to a script variable.  A tag can be an IO Tag, an IO Block, Calculation, Accumulation or Constant Tag. BINDVAR is used to return the value of Tag whenever the script variable is used. Similar in use to GETVAL and @.  Used to replace having to type full tagname or tagname.field  in a script. Tags include IO Tags, Blocks, DaqTags, Screen Tags, constant, calculation and accumulation tags, and analog, digital or text type.