12.4.4         CLOSEURL

Description:   Closes the web browser popup window "named"  opened using GOTO URL with the "named" target option.


Tcl:              CLOSEURL targetname

JScript:         CLOSEURL("targetname");

VB Script:      CLOSEURL "targetname"    

Arguments:    target name

See Also:       GOTO URL, <CLOSEURL>


# Tcl

CLOSEURL target1

CLOSEURL targetname will close a Web Browser window opened with the "target name" option of the <GOTO>URL keymacro ( or GOTODAQ URL Action command in a script).  CLOSEURL will close all Web Browser windows with the same name. If more than one window is opened using the same target name, then all those browser windows will be closed.

For example, if a browser connection is opened with the following screen script:

GOTO URL=^target=pop1

the browser window could be closed with the following screen script: